What is additional medical information?

In October 2022 we introduced additional medical information functionality to the RIW System that allows the management of a variety of medical information that is not a rail health assessment (medical) or a drug & alcohol assessment. This functionality uses the same secure management applied in the RIW System, so Rail Industry Workers can be assured that their personal information is managed in accordance with the Permission Access Agreement.

Some examples of additional medical information could include:

  • Immunisations, such as COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Colour blindness tests
  • Lead and silica monitoring
  • Audiometric monitoring

Additional Medical Information can be added to a Rail Industry Worker profile directly by an Authorised Health Professional or uploaded by an employer and verified by the RIW Service Desk.  

Additional medical information may be included as a job role requirement, contributing to its validity, which could affect a Rail Industry Worker's access to site. It also allows for items to expire after a set period, allowing companies to manage monitoring reassessments or boosters. 

If your company needs to manage additional medical information that is not currently available in the RIW System, complete the Request for item to be added to the Additional Medical Information at https://www.riw.net.au/contact-us/request-a-service/ by selecting category and sub-category mentioned in the below screenshot: 

The relevant State Chief Medical Officer, Chief Medical Officers Council, or National Rail Industry Operations Committee will review and approve requests before they are added to the RIW System. 

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