How does a company add a site host?

This article details how a company can add a site host to the RIW System for visitor management at sites.

When a visitor attends a site managed by a RIW Kiosk, the visitor will need to select a site host who will be advised of their attendance at site by email and SMS.

Site hosts must be an active, current RIW cardholder.

Site hosts can only be selected by a visitor when they are currently signed into the site.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin (where designated as a Contractor In Charge of a project)
  • Employer Admin - No Payment (where designated as a Contractor In Charge of a project)
  • Helpdesk
  • Project Admin
  • Site Admin


Go to and login using your credentials.


Click on Administration > Site.


A list of available sites will display. Use Search to filter the list.

Select the site you wish to add site hosts by highlighting the row and clicking the Edit button.


On the Hosts tab a list of current site hosts will appear.  Click on the Add button to add a new host.


On the Create Host pop-up, fill in the Search fields and click Search to surface a list of potential hosts.

Only cardholders who have a current relationship with your user permission will be searchable. Your permission must have an employment or association relationship with the cardholder.

When the host is located, highlight the required host and click on the Select button.

Confirm the host is correct and click on the Save button.


The host is now added.  You can delete hosts at any time by highlighting their name and clicking on delete.

For further guidance on how visitors can sign into site, refer to How does a visitor sign in and sign out of an RIW Kiosk?

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