How does a site host register a visitor on a RIW Kiosk?

This article details how a site host can register a visitor on a Kiosk.

A site host may need to register a visitor when matching details between a visitor and a Rail Industry Worker has been detected during the visitor sign-in process.

Site hosts must be configured by a RIW System user following the instructions in How does a company add site hosts?

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Site host


Tap on Register A Visitor.


You will need to confirm your credentials by scanning the QR code on your RIW card.

If you have not been designated as a site host, you will not be able to proceed. Please refer queries to the site RIW Administrator.


Enter the visitors First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth. Tap Next.


Enter the visitors Company, Email and Phone Number. Tap Submit.

If the visitor email is the same as a current visitor or Rail Industry Worker, the following error will display. Refer any queries to the site RIW Administrator.


Confirm the details you have entered for the visitor are correct by tapping Yes.


The visitor is now successfully registered.

The Kiosk will return to the home screen, and the visitor must now tap Visitor Sign-In to ensure they fulfil any induction or breathalyser requirements, and for their badge to be printed. For more information, refer to How does a visitor sign in and sign out of an RIW Kiosk.

Please advise the visitor to Sign Out of the Kiosk when they leave site.

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