How does a Medical Provider record an Additional Medical Information item?

The article details how a Medical Provider User (Authorised Health Professional) can record an Additional Medical Information item in the RIW System.

For more information, please refer to What is additional medical information?

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Medical Provider User


Go to and log in with your credentials.


On the main dashboard, click on Record Additional Medical Information.


On the Select Individual pop-up you will need to enter the cardholder's SurnameRIW Number and Date of Birth to access the record. Click Search.

Note: all three key pieces of information must be entered correctly to access the cardholder's profile.

When the details appear, click on the cardholder row and click Select.


The cardholder's profile will display on the Additional Medical Information tab. If a previous result has been recorded, you will be able to view the record.

To add a new record, click on Record Additional Medical Information.


The Record Additional Medical Information screen will display. Enter all mandatory data fields marked with a red asterisk (*).

The Rail Industry Worker details and name of the logged in Medical Provider User and their organisation will be automatically populated on the form. 

You must enter:

  • Event Record Date 
  • Authorised Health Professional Name
  • Type of Additional Medical Information (select from the available drop-down options)
  • Reason (select from the available drop-down options)
  • Expiry date (if required)
  • Notes (if required)

Upload supporting documentation (maximum file size 10Mb) to the record in the following formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG or PNG.  Click on Select Files to begin.

Drag and drop the required files onto the Select Files screen, or Click to Add Files to add them from the computer.  Click OK when all files have been added.

Once all details and pertinent records have been added, click Save.  

A pop-up will confirm if you wish to record the additional medical information. Click OK.


The result will now display on the Rail Industry Worker's profile.

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