How does an Access Controller perform a spot check on the RIW App?

This article details how an Access Controller can perform a spot check on a Rail Industry Worker on the RIW App. When a worker is spot checked, they are not swiped into site.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Access Controller


After logging in to the RIW App, tap on Spot Check on the home screen.


Tap Scan Card to read the RIW card.   

By default the RIW App will open the camera to read the QR Code. If so, present the card and the QR code will be read automatically.

Alternatively, tap Contactless and hold the RIW card to the back of the device (if NFC is enabled on the device) to scan the card. This can take a few seconds to read.


You can select a job role to verify when undertaking the spot check. If you do not wish to verify a role, you can tap Proceed to skip this step.

If you wish to verify a job role, click in the Job Role field and a list of available job roles will appear at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the list to choose the job role for verification, and tap Done when chosen.  Tap Proceed to continue.

Note: When a job role is chosen, the selected job role is recorded against the swipe information for the cardholder in the RIW System, which can be reported on by RIW System Users as required.


At a glance you can now review the cardholders profile to check their details, whether their status is blocked, the validity of job roles and competencies etc. Scroll through the menu items on the top of the screen to display these results.

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