How does a company create a new project site?

Employers or companies assigned as the Contractor in Charge (CIC) of a project can create sites and zones and assign pre-requisites for site access (optional). A project must be assigned by a Network Operator for a CIC to create sites and zones. 

Step 1

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2

Click on the Administration tab on the Main Menu.

Step 3

Click on the Sites icon. 

Step 4

Click the Add button.

Step 5

Fill out the details for the site, noting that any fields indicated with a red asterisk are mandatory.  Ensure the appropriate project is selected from the drop down list provided.

Click the Save button when complete.

Step 6

Once the site has been created, site requirements may be added, which are per-requisite competencies cardholders must obtain prior to being granted entry to the site. Refer to the User Guide (located in the top right hand corner of the RIW System) for more detailed instructions on this process.

VIDEO: Creating Projects, Sites and Zones

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