How does a cardholder complete an ID check?

When a Primary Employer registers a new Rail Industry Worker (RIW) in RIW System, the cardholder will need to undertake an ID check as part of their onboarding. The cardholder will receive an email with a link to complete an ID check by our partner, Veritas. 

The cardholder should follow the instructions and upload the required identification documents as per the requirements outlined in our article What identification documents does a cardholder require to complete an ID check?

Once the ID check process has been paid for and requested, the cardholder will have 10 days to complete the application before the link expires. If the new cardholder does not complete the ID check within this time, the Employer will need to purchase a new ID check and start the ID check process again.

An RIW card can not be ordered until an ID check has been successfully completed.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • RIW cardholder (myRIW)


Whena new RIW profile has been created by a primary employer, the new cardholder will receive the following email:


Before starting the application, you should have your identity documentation to hand.  Check what documents can be used during this process by reading our article  What identification documents does a cardholder require to complete an ID check?

Click on the Start Application link.


You will be taken to the Veritas website to undertake the ID check. Click on the Continue button.

NOTE: If the applicant encounters a message such as Access Denied, please contact the RIW Service Desk on 1300 101 682 or via email address


Enter your Date of Birth using the drop down calendar to verify your application and click Sign In.


Check that your Employer has recorded your personal details correctly.  Confirm this by clicking on the Yes radio button and click Next.

It is important that your details are correct at this stage and that the identity documentation to be submitted exactly matches/confirms these details. If there is a concern, please contact your employer to rectify these details before progressing.


From the list located at What identification documents does a cardholder require to complete an ID check?, start uploading the required document(s). 

Click on the + Add a New Document.

In the Document Type drop-down, choose the appropriate documentation type to upload. If uploading a primary document, only one document needs to be provided. If you do not have a primary document, then one secondary and one tertiary needs to be provided.


In the following example, an Australian Driver's Licence will be used. The process is similar for the other document types.

Fill in the State of Issue, Licence Number, Card Number, First Name, Middle Name or Surname. If you need assistance to understand where to find the Licence Number and Card Number, please click on the Not sure where to find the different numbers on your card? link.

Middle Name:  If your document only uses the initial of your middle name, please include your middle name in full.

If you do not have a middle name and/or a surname, please indicate this by clicking on the I do not have a middle name and the I do not have a surname checkbox.

Upload a photo of the front and back of your identification document. Click on + Add image for multiple file uploads (up to 4 images can be loaded).

Click Save.


On completion of the document uploading, the system will provide the following screen.  Click the Next button.


Check and confirm that all the information lodged is accurate and complete.  If changes need to be made, click on the  Edit button and make changes.  Once this has been done, click the Submit button.


The Form Complete screen will appear.  This confirms that the ID check has been lodged and is being processed.


Once the ID check has been processed, you and your employer will receive an RIW ID Check - Status Update email advising the outcome status of the ID check, whether successful or rejected.

Please note that our ID check service partner references directly with government identification services (DVS), and if an exact match is found, the application will be processed almost immediately. If an exact match is not found, the application may require manual review which can take up to 10 days to process. Standard processing time is in 48 hours.

For further information about ID checks that are rejected, please refer to How does a company manage a rejected ID check or resubmit an ID check?

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