How does a cardholder add or remove a company from their RIW profile?

In the RIW System, a Primary Employer is the cardholder's direct employer, and they have full edit rights to the cardholder's profile. 

If a cardholder has the wrong Primary Employer listed against their profile, there are two ways to resolve this issue:

1. The cardholder can contact the previous Primary Employer and request they end their employment in the RIW System (as outlined in the article How does a company end employment with a cardholder?); or,

2. The cardholder can submit an Ending Primary Employment Service Request on the RIW website. 

In both cases, once employment is ceased with a particular company, the change will not take effect until midnight on the specified leave date. This allows the cardholder to then approach a new Primary Employer and seek ‘employment’. 

Upon starting employment with a new Primary Employer, the company will need to send an employment request to the RIW cardholder via the RIW system.  To ensure privacy laws are upheld, the RIW cardholder must accept the employment request for the company to have access to the RIW cardholders profile.  

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