How does a cardholder download their virtual RIW card?

The RIW virtual card is accessible via a freely-downloadable app called Vircarda. After the app has been downloaded and installed, a cardholder can load and store their virtual RIW card on their smart phone. To use Vircarda, a cardholder must have a compatible smartphone (iOS or Android).

After a virtual RIW card has been requested by the Primary Employer, the cardholder will receive a detailed email or SMS containing the registration number and PIN for Vircarda. Before the app can be used with the RIW System, the cardholder must first register on Vircarda.

For detailed instructions on how to download, register and manage a virtual RIW card, please refer to the following article How does a cardholder install the Vircarda App to manage their virtual RIW card?

The Vircarda app is available for both iPhone and Android and must be downloaded from the appropriate App Store. Visit the RIW download page for more information.

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