What is the RIW Pricing Model?

The RIW Pricing Model came into effect on 29 June 2021. The model ensures the RIW Program is sustainable and equitable for all, making it easier for companies to manage costs as needs change over time. As a result of the new pricing model, companies will now only pay for the cardholder fees they need.  

In order for a company to purchase MTA’s Services or to use the RIW System, they must first agree to the Company Registration – Terms and Conditions, plus pay for any cardholder fees as detailed in Schedule 1 – Part A.  

MTA also offers a range of additional services to support an organisations use of the RIW System, which are are set out in Schedule 1 – Part B.

This article will focus on cardholder fees.

Cardholder fees payable by RIW Participant Organisations

As detailed in Schedule 1 - Part A of the Company Registration - Terms & Conditions

ServiceNumber of cardholders
(as determined by the number of active cardholders an organisation has as their primary employees on 28 May each year)
Total Price FY22-23 to FY25-26
(Excluding GST)
Annual RIW Card FeeOrganisations with <299 cardholdersAUD $ 130.00
Organisations with 300-399 cardholders AUD $ 120.00
Organisations with 400-499 cardholdersAUD $ 100.00
Organisations with 500-999 cardholders AUD $ 75.00
Organisations with 1000-1999 cardholdersAUD $ 50.00
Organisations with > 2000 cardholders AUD $ 40.00
ID Check FeeAll organisations (except those defined as ID Check Exempt) AUD $ 15.00
Supply of New Card FeeAll organisations AUD $ 55.00
Supply of Replacement Lost or Damaged Card FeeAll organisationsAUD $ 85.00
Card Re-issuance at 5th Anniversary FeeAll organisationsAUD $ 55.00

Note: Card re-issuance is required at the anniversary of the initial registration of the cardholder in the RIW Program, which is immediately prior to the 5th anniversary of the issue of the card. 

This is required due to the fact that the RIW cards must not exceed 5 years in circulation due to the life expectancy of the smart chip in the card. 

No ID Check is required at the 5th anniversary, however they are required on the 10th anniversary as per RIW Program requirements.

Guide on how to determine cardholder fees at time of transaction

To help in determining cardholder fees, please refer to the below table for some simple calculations.

How to calculate the cardholder fee
New cardholder issuance (with ID check)(Supply of New Card Fee + ID Check Fee + Annual RIW Card Fee) +GST
New cardholder issuance (without ID check)(Supply of New Card Fee + Annual RIW Card Fee) +GST
5 year card re-issuances(Supply of New Card Fee + Annual RIW Card Fee) +GST
10 year card re-issuances (with ID check)(Supply of New Card Fee + ID Check Fee + Annual RIW Card Fee) +GST
10 year card re-issuance (without ID check)(Supply of New Card Fee + Annual RIW Card Fee) +GST

To assist in determining a company's expected RIW fees for a year, please refer to our RIW Knowledge Centre article How can a company calculate RIW fees?

Additionally, companies can view our article What can a company do to reduce RIW fees? for some tips on managing RIW fees.

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