What happens with the cardholder subscription if the cardholder I want to employ fails their medical assessment?

When a company registers a brand new cardholder, a ‘basic’ profile containing the cardholders core details is created in the RIW System. At this stage, there is no requirement for a cardholder subscription payment to be made.

After the cardholders profile is created, the cardholder can undertake the required medical assessment through an Authorised Health Professional (AHP). 

Some Authorised Health Professionals (AHP’s) can directly upload the medical assessment to the RIW system. However, If not using this service, companies can submit an Upload Medical Certificate Service Request on the RIW website. Medical assessments are generally processed by the RIW Service Desk within 3 business days.

Naturally, if the cardholder fails the medical, the company can choose not to employ the cardholder and simply insert a ‘leave date’ for the cardholders employment. Once this occurs, the cardholders profile will be removed from the employer’s account.

After the new cardholder has passed the medical, the company can proceed with an ID check and then the cardholder subscription and card order as detailed in our article How does a company add a new cardholder to the RIW system?

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