How does a company upload a medical assessment to a Rail Industry Worker profile?

Some Authorised Heath Professionals (AHP’s) can directly upload a medical assessment to a Rail Industry Worker profile in the RIW System.  A list of the AHP’s that offer direct upload can be found on the RIW website here.

If the AHP is not providing this service, companies can submit an Upload Medical Certificate Service Request at by selecting category and sub-category mentioned in the below screenshot:

Please ensure all information is included, and that a scan of the medical assessment (Part B - Fit Slip) only is attached. Please do not include the full medical assessment.

Medical assessments are generally processed by the RIW Service Desk within 3 business days via this method.

Companies can also fast track a medical assessment within 8 business hours for a fee.  For more information, please refer to the How can a company request a fast track medical assessment?

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