How does a company manage a rejected ID check or resubmit an ID check?

If a cardholder has completed and failed, or missed the 10-day time frame to complete an ID check, the Employer Administrator will receive an email notifying them of the ID check rejection, including the reason for rejection. 

Note: a list of the most common rejected reasons has been included at the end of this article

This instruction applies to the following RIW System user roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin 
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Helpdesk 

Step 1: Log onto RIW

Go to and log in using the Employer Administrator credentials.

Step 2: People tab

Click on the People tab or the Search For My People shortcut on the main dashboard.

Step 3: Search criteria

Enter the cardholder's details into the search field or leave it blank and click on search to bring up the workforce.  Select the cardholder by highlighting the cardholder's name and clicking on the edit button.

Step 4: ID Check tab

On the cardholder's profile, navigate to the ID check tab on the left-hand side menu.

Step 5: Failure reason

If the ID check failed due to not being completed by the cardholder within the allowable 10 days, then a new ID check must be requested.  The cardholder profile will display the following message in the details section: Application has surpassed 10 working days.

Click on Resubmit ID Check to be taken to the Shopping Basket to process payment for the re-submission of the ID check.

NOTE: It is important for Employer Administrators to monitor the progress of ID checks to prevent such a situation from occurring.  To do this, on the cardholder profile click the + History link, which will provide a summary of the ID check history (refer to step 11 below).

Step 6: Further actions

Where the ID check has been rejected due to another reason, the Employer Administrator will receive a notification by email, or alternatively, can review the Details: description on the ID check menu on the cardholder's profile.

In this example, the cardholder's surname did not match the identification provided during the ID check.

Any changes to the core details of a cardholder (which is the first name, surname or date of birth), must be made by the RIW Service Desk. In this instance, contact the Service Desk here to request an amendment to the cardholder profile.

Once amended, the Employer Administrator will then need to select the Resubmit ID check button in the cardholder profile to commence the process again (as per Step 6).

All other issues may be similarly resolved.  The RIW system will advise where the issue may be resolved without the assistance of the RIW Service Desk (for example, the identification document provided had expired).  In this case, the Employer Administrator will need to re-submit the ID check and advise the cardholder to provide an updated identification document.

Step 7: Shopping basket

After the ID check has been resubmitted, the Employer Administrator will be prompted for payment of the new ID check.

Step 8: Payment

Complete the payment via Card or Pay on Account (if applicable).

Step 9: Cardholder notification

The cardholder will receive an email to re-commence their online ID check. The cardholder will need to upload an acceptable identification document. For information about what documents the cardholder needs to supply, please refer to the article What identification documents does a cardholder require to complete an ID check?.

Step 10: ID check progress

The progress of the request can also be viewed on the cardholder's ID Check menu. Click on the + History link to display all the events/dates which occurred during the ID check.

Common rejected ID check reasons

If an ID check has been rejected there are four likely issues:

Minor name issues

Spelling or spacing discrepancies between the RIW system and the verification document. For example:

  • “Sam McDonald” has come from the RIW system but “Sam Mc Donald” appears on the licence.
  • “Jack O’Meara” has come from the RIW system but “Jack Omeara” appears in the licence.

In each case, note the space omission/addition and the omission of the apostrophe. These ID matches will be rejected as the name cannot be verified as correct.

Statutory Declaration used in place of an official “Change of Name” certificate

A statutory declaration from an individual who has anglicized their name, instead of an official change of name document. For example: 

  • “Nick Franklin” has come from the RIW system but “Nikolaus Franklin” appears on the licence.

It can be believed that he is known by “Nick” at work but considering the process defined, the ID check will be rejected as the ID and the name does not match.

Single Name

ID check was received with the same name in the first name, middle name and surname fields. For example 

  • “Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad” ID only had “Muhammad Muhammad” as the first name and surname.

These ID matches will be rejected as the name cannot be verified as the correct match.

Hyphenated Name

Confusion around first and middle names. For example: 

  • First name: “Anne”, middle name: ”Marie” coming from the RIW system and “Anne-Marie” appearing on an ID. 

These ID matches will be rejected as the name cannot be verified as a correct match.

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