How does a company re-issue a virtual RIW card?

In the event a RIW cardholder cannot find their virtual card registration link - or it has been incorrectly sent to the wrong mobile number or email - the Primary Employer can re-issue the virtual card registration link from the cardholder's profile. 

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Employer Admin 
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Employer Admin - Read Only 

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2: Search for my People

Click on the People tab or Search For My People shortcut on the main dashboard to locate the cardholder.

Step 3: Locate cardholder

Enter the cardholder's details in the search fields or leave blank to bring up the entire workforce by clicking Search. Select the cardholder by clicking on their name and click the Edit button.

Step 4: Cardholder profile

The cardholder's profile will now appear.

Confirm the mobile number and email address are correct by clicking on the Contact Details tab on the left hand side menu. If any changes are required, update the details and click Save before progressing.

Step 5: Cards tab

Click on the Cards tab on the left hand side menu of the cardholders profile and click Resend Virtual Card PIN.

Step 6: Confirm send details

On the Resend Virtual Card PIN pop-up screen, confirm whether the request is to be sent to the cardholder's email address or mobile number. Click Save and Send.

Below is an example of the SMS that is sent to the cardholder with a registration number and PIN, explaining how to register the virtual card on Vircarda

Note: A virtual card can be issued for the first time only once a physical RIW card has been requested and upon the ID check being successfully completed by the cardholder.

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