How to log in and use the Web Card Reader

This article details how to log in and use the Web Card Reader. 

You can use the Web Card Reader to:

The Web Card Reader can be used from any desktop, laptop or smart device with an internet connection.

NOTE: Site requirements are refreshed every 30 minutes, or when a user logs in or logs out of a Web Card Reader session.

You must be an Access Controller or Spot Checker to use the Web Card Reader. Refer to How does a company assign an Access Controller or Spot Checker? for more information.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Access Controller
  • Spot Checker


Go to and click on the Web Card Reader link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can access the Web Card Reader direct at


On the Web Card Reader login page, scan your RIW card using the webcam on your device or a QR scanner.

NOTE: On smaller screen devices, such as a mobile phone, the login screen is resized and the QR Scanner option is not available. You can only use the device camera.


Click on Use Camera and align your RIW card or virtual RIW card to the camera. It will automatically detect the QR code, though you may need to move the RIW card around until the perfect distance between the QR code and the camera is found.

You can toggle the Mirror function for front facing cameras and you can choose an alternative webcam from the drop down menu located on the bottom of the screen.


Click on Use QR Scanner and scan your RIW card using the scanner. It will automatically read the QR code and populate the text field with the QR string before validating.


When your RIW card has been successfully read, the Cardholder authentication screen will display. 

The two-factor authentication process is the same on all platforms. Select the method for sending the authentication code, Email or SMS and click Send. 

Enter the code into the Authentication code field and click Authenticate.


Once you have successfully logged in, select the Network, Project, Site, and if required, Zone. Click Proceed.


The Web Card Reader home page may look a little different depending on your role. An Access Controller has full menu functionality, whereas a Spot Checker only has the Spot Checks menu available.

You can access an additional menu by clicking on your profile photo in the top right of the screen. This menu allows you to:

Please refer to the Web Card Reader Knowledge Centre for more articles on how to use the Web Card Reader.

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