RIW App for Spot Checkers

A Spot Checker is an individual with permission to “check cards” of other cardholders, view the job roles, competencies and any work restrictions.  This is done by scanning an RIW card using the RIW App via the QR code using the device camera, or Near Field Communication (NFC) by holding the card to the back of the device, where NFC is enabled on that device. Alternatively, if a cardholder does not have their card available, the Forgotten Card Function can be used.

Note: an individual must be authorised as an Access Controller to use the RIW App, which is granted by their Primary Employer (refer to the RIW Knowledge Centre article How does a company assign an Access Controller or Spot Checker? for more information).

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • Spot Checker


Download the RIW App

  • If using an iPhone, download the RIW App from the Apple iTunes Store here.  
  • If using an Android phone, download the RIW App from the Google Play Store here.  

Spot Checker Authentication

When the RIW App is opened for the first time, the Spot Checker must scan their own card to start using the RIW App. 


If a virtual RIW card is loaded on the Spot Checker's device, then tap on Use Vircarda.  If a virtual RIW card is successfully loaded on the device, the Spot Checker will automatically be taken to the Authenticate App screen (refer below).

If no virtual RIW card is available, then tap Scan your Card. By default the RIW App will open the camera to read the QR Code.  If so, present the card and the QR code will be read automatically. 

Alternatively, tap Contactless and hold the RIW card to the back of the device (if NFC is enabled) to scan the card.

To ensure access to cardholder data is secured, a Spot Checker will then need to request an authentication code via email or SMS the first time they log into the RIW App. The Spot Checker can select which method they prefer to receive the notification; Email or SMS by switching the toggle and tapping Send. An authentication code will be automatically sent to the contact details registered on the Spot Checkers myRIW account. If the Spot Checker needs to update their contact details prior to authentication, please click on Update Details or refer to the RIW Knowledge Centre article How can a cardholder update their contact details in myRIW?


The authentication code will be sent to the Spot Checker using their preferred method.  Enter the six-digit code into the Enter Code field and tap OK.

After the code has been entered, the Spot Checker  can select the Network they are working on from the drop down menu.

Then select the relevant Project, Site and/or Zone (as advised by your Employer, Contractor in Charge or Network). 

Once the requirements have been set, tap Proceed.

Perform a Spot Check

To conduct a spot check on a cardholder, select the Spot Check icon from the main screen.

Tap Scan Card to read the cardholder's card.   

By default the RIW App will open the camera to read the QR Code.  If so, present the card and the QR code will be read automatically.  

Alternatively, tap Contactless and hold the RIW card to the back of the device (if NFC is enabled on the device) to scan the card. This can take a few seconds to read.

The Spot Checker can also select a Job Role to verify when undertaking the spot check. If the Spot Checker does not wish to verify a role, they can choose Proceed to skip this step.

If the Spot Checker wishes to verify a job role, click in the Job Role field and a list of available job roles will appear at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the list to choose the job role for verification, and tap Done when chosen.  Tap Proceed to continue.

Note: When a job role is chosen, the selected job role is recorded against the swipe information for the cardholder in the RIW System, which can be reported on by RIW System Users as required.

At a glance the Spot Checker can now review the cardholders profile to check their details, whether their status is blocked, the validity of job roles and competencies etc.  Scroll through the menu items on the top of the screen to surface these results.

Forgotten Card Function

If a cardholder has forgotten their card, the Spot Checker is still able to read their profile by selecting Forgotten Card.

Enter the required fields; Surname, first initial and ether the Date Of Birth or RIW Number.


After entering the details select Find.

Select the cardholder's profile and read the required details by swiping as described earlier.

How to change location

To change the location where the spot check is being performed, select the Location icon.

Select the new Project, Site and/or Zone from the drop down menu, and then Proceed to continue.

Cardholder blocks

If a cardholder holds a National Block on their profile, their profile will immediately flag the cardholder as blocked. This cardholder should not have been granted access to site.

If a cardholder holds a Network Block on their profile and are on that particular Network, then the cardholder should not have been granted access to site.

If the cardholder holds a Network Block on their profile and the Network they are on is not the network where the block was placed, then they can be granted access to site, if permitted by the Access Controller.

IMPORTANT: The Spot Checker should check with the relevant Network Operator for more information.

More Options

By tapping on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the RIW App, additional options will be presented.

  • Show card - displays the Spot Checkers RIW card.
  • Swipe history - displays the swipe history of every swipe that has been completed as an Spot Checker, including their own swipe history.  If the Spot Checker taps on the Delete Swipes option from this screen, it will delete the swipe history from their device only.  Swipe history is always maintained in the RIW System.
  • Competency requirements  - displays the competency requirements for the Network, Project or Site location that was selected when the Spot Checker logged into the RIW App.
  • About the app - provides the version number of the RIW App.
  • Log out - swipes out the Spot Checker out of the site, and logs them entirely out of the RIW App.  


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