If the cardholders name has changed due to marriage or another circumstance, the Employer Administrator will need to contact the RIW Service Desk, as amendments to cardholders core details can only be made by the RIW Service Desk.  

The Employer Administrator will need to provide a copy of the cardholders Australian Drivers License or Passport, which shows their changed/current name.

If the cardholder does not have an identification document issued by the Australian Government, please send a copy of the cardholders passport showing their current name, a copy of a name change certificate from the country listed on their passport, and a copy of a bank statement or utility bill within the last 3 months. Ensure that the documents show the current name as well.  Please ensure these documents are translated in English if applicable.

When the RIW Service Desk changes the cardholders name in the RIW system, the cardholders current RIW card will be cancelled immediately, and a new ID check will need to be completed. 

After the new ID check is successful, you will be able to order a new card displaying the cardholders updated