How does a company add and configure a Kiosk or Tablet in the RIW System?

This article details how to configure a kiosk or tablet solution in the RIW System.  Kiosks or tablets can be configured by the RIW Service Desk, an Employer Administrator (where they are the Contractor in Charge for a Project), an Advanced Project Administrator, Project Administrator and Site Administrator.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Helpdesk
  • Project Admin
  • Site Admin

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2: Go to Kiosk

Go to the Administration tab and select the Kiosk icon.

Step 3: View or edit kiosks

A list of existing Kiosks at sites linked to the Project(s) accessible by your user role will be displayed. 

From this screen, you can View or Edit an existing Kiosk or Add a new one.


Step 4: Add kiosk

To add a new Kiosk, click on the Add button.

Give the Kiosk a Name. This should be unique and clearly identify the individual kiosk (this name will appear in swipe reports). Note that there is a 20-character limit for the name.

Assign this Kiosk to an existing site (start to type the name of an existing site in the Site Name box and select the relevant one from the list displayed). 

Type in a specific Description (it may be helpful to described the kiosk location in more detail (e.g. 2nd Kiosk on Left – Gate 4) to help identify it if maintenance/support is required or the kiosk is to be relocated. Otherwise leave it blank and the description will be automatically filled with the Kiosk name.

Once added, please contact the RIW Service Desk on 1300 101 682 to request the kiosk be validated and assigned a specific client ID and password for kiosk configuration/installation. These details are shared between the RIW system and kiosk manufacturer direct.

Once a Kiosk has been created, the record can be edited by updating the Site Name and Description, which is useful if, for example, the Kiosk is moved to another site.  No further configuration is required when moving a kiosk unit.

Step 5: Configure kiosk to site

The next step is to configure the Kiosks installed at each site. Go to the Administration tab and select the Site tab. 

Select the relevant Site from the list displayed and click Edit.

Step 6: Set kiosk parameters

Select the Kiosks tab.

On this screen the following criteria can be set:

  • BAC Percentage: the percentage of BAC tests required (enter number between 0 and 100). 

Examples: If 100 is entered, every cardholder swiping in will be require a BAC test each time they swipe in; if 50 is entered, there will be a 50% chance of a cardholder being prompted to complete a BAC test on swipe in.

  • BAC Test Required for Rail Workers: tick this flag if cardholders who hold a valid Rail Corridor Access job role for the defined Network) are to be tested. The number of cardholders to take a BAC test is then calculated using the BAC Percentage set.
  • BAC Test Required for Non-Rail Workers: tick this flag if cardholders who do not hold Rail Corridor Access job role are to be tested. The number of cardholders to take a BAC test is then calculated using the BAC Percentage set.

The Rail vs Non-Rail status of a cardholder is determined based on whether they hold the Rail Corridor Access Job Role defined for the Network of the Site (see Note 4 Below).

Step 7: Assign site contacts for kiosk

Click on the Contacts tab.

Up to contacts per site can be added by:

  • searching for an existing RIW cardholder (whose Primary or Secondary Employer is the Contractor in Charge of the selected site) using the Search function and selecting the relevant cardholder from the list presented, then clicking Save


  • adding the name, email address and contact number in free text and clicking Save.

Step 8: View summary of site contacts

Contacts will be displayed in the Site Contacts summary list and can be edited or deleted when required.

When editing a contact who is an existing RIW cardholder, only the email address and contact number can be amended, and any changes made to these details will automatically update the cardholder's RIW profile. Deleting a RIW cardholder from the contacts list will not delete the cardholder's profile from the RIW database.

Important notes

Note 1

A successful swipe in at a Kiosk site will automatically swipe out the cardholder from any other site they are currently swiped into, irrespective of the original method used for swiping in the cardholder.

Note 2

When a cardholder is denied a swipe in due to a non-negative BAC test result, an SMS and/or email to this effect will be sent to all Kiosk contacts at the site where the failure was recorded. The cardholder will also be automatically blocked from the site. Such blocks can only be lifted manually by a user with the relevant permission, i.e. a subsequent negative BAC test result will not lift the block automatically. 

Non-Negative BAC test results are recorded on the Swipes tab as Kiosk Access Denied with the Deny Reason BAC Test Non-Negative.

Note 3

Kiosk Breathalyser (BAC) test results are recorded on the cardholder's profile under the D&A Screenings tab as follows:



Examination Date 

Populated from API

Expiry Date 


Authorised Tester Name 

“Kiosk Breathalyser Integration” 

Sample Reference Number 


Test Type 

Alcohol Breath Test 

Test Reason 

Site Requirement 

Drug Test Result 

No Test Required 

Alcohol Test Result 

If API “Result” is TRUE, set to “Negative”.
 If API “Result” is FALSE, set to “Non-Negative”.  



Kiosk ID

Passed in token for API

The test certificate can also be viewed via the View icon:

Note 4

The definition of a Network has been updated with a new field to allow a Rail Corridor Access Job Role to be searched for and selected from any Network Job Role for the defined Network.

The job role selected will then be used as part of the calculation to determine the Rail/Non-Rail status of a cardholder, as described in Step 6 above.

Note 5

Swipe events recorded at Kiosks are displayed on the RIW Swipes tab as highlighted in the screenshot below:

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