How does a company add a new cardholder to the RIW System?

This guide outlines how to add a new cardholder to the RIW System.

This is a five step process that requires both the RIW System User and the new RIW cardholder to complete key steps.  

Please ensure the company is registered in the RIW System and that an RIW System User login has been issued to the Employer Administrator before undertaking this process.

An overview of the onboarding process is provided below. Each part must be completed in sequence before proceeding to the next part.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - No Payment

Part A - RIW System User adds new cardholder to the RIW System

Prior to commencing this process, please ensure you have the new cardholder's first name, surname, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address, and a photograph. It is best if you ensure the details entered exactly match those found on an identification document, such as a driver's licence or passport. This is important for when the cardholder receives the ID check request. Please ensure any hyphenation or capitalisations are captured as per the identification document as well.

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2: Add a New Person

Click on the Add a New Person icon on the main dashboard, or click on the People Tab and choose the Add a New Person icon.

Step 3: Enter Cardholder Details

On the Create page, type in the cardholder's first name, middle name (if applicable), surname, date of birth, and email address. It is essential that a unique personal email address is added for the cardholder, as this is how they will accept the employment request and manage their profile in myRIW.

After the mandatory information has been populated, click the Check for Duplicates button. The RIW System will alert the RIW System User if the cardholder already has an existing profile in the RIW System. If a duplicate is found, the following alert will appear.

Step 4: Duplicate profiles

If a duplicate profile is found there are two options:

1. Employ the existing cardholder by clicking on the Employ hyperlink. (Note: this may only be possible if the cardholder has no primary employer, or if the cardholder has Share Employment enabled on their profile). Ensure the cardholder's details entered are correct before proceeding to Step 5.

2. Contact the RIW Service Desk on for assistance in creating a new cardholder profile that already exists with the same details.

If no duplicate profiles are found, then you can proceed to the next step to add the new cardholder.

Step 5: Add cardholder profile photo

Once the cardholder's profile has been created, the next step is to add a profile photo of the cardholder. Refer to our article What standard is required for a RIW identification photograph? for more information about photo specifications.


To add a photo, click on the Upload hyperlink below the placeholder image

The Image Upload box will display. Click on Browse to locate the file on the computer and then click Upload.


Please ensure the photo is uploaded with the correct orientation. 


Once uploaded, crop the image as required to meet specifications. Ideally, crop as per the example below. Once satisfied that the appropriate aspect is captured, click on Crop and Save.

Once the photo has been uploaded, please complete the cardholder's address details, taking note of the mandatory required information, marked with an asterisk (*).

Step 6: Employment request sent to new cardholder

Once the the cardholder’s profile has been created, the new cardholder will receive an Employment Request email, inviting them to create a new myRIW profile. The RIW System User will not be able to continue the on-boarding process until the employment request has been accepted by the cardholder.

Note: The Employment request MUST be accepted within 28 days by the cardholder. If the request is not accepted in this time, the cardholder's profile will be automatically deleted from the RIW System.

Part B - New cardholder accepts employment request in myRIW

Step 7: New cardholder creates myRIW account

The cardholder must now register a new profile by clicking on the Create Account button at myRIW to accept the employment request. If required, direct them to How does a cardholder create a myRIW profile? for further instructions on how to register and use myRIW.

Step 8: New cardholder accepts Permission Access Agreement

After the cardholder has registered, they can log into myRIW at using their credentials.

The first time the cardholder logs into myRIW they must accept the Permission Access Agreement (PAA), which is their consent about how RIW may collect and use their personal information to administer their profile in the RIW System.

Step 9: New cardholder accepts employment request

Once the cardholder has accepted the PAA, the cardholder must also accept the Employment Request to be linked to the company. To do this they can go to the Employers & Associations section of myRIW, and click the Accept button next to the employment request.

Step 10: View status of employment requests

RIW System Users can view pending employment and association requests via the Approvals section on the Main Dashboard.

Part C - RIW System User requests ID check

Step 11: Request ID Check

The next step of the employment process is for the RIW System User to request an ID check for the cardholder, unless the company has the status Exempt from ID Checks (e.g. because these are handled internally by the company’s HR Department). 

Until an ID check has been successfully approved or confirmed as completed (where the company is exempt), the RIW System User will not be allowed to pay for the cardholder’s annual subscription, upload a medicals or competencies, or order their RIW card.

For ID check exempt companies, tick the ID Confirmed checkbox on the following screen.

Step 12: Resolve any outstanding issues before requesting ID check

If the company is not exempt, the following screen will be displayed. The ID check will not progress if key information is missing from the cardholder’s profile. The missing items are indicated by a red cross. Resolve any missing requirements before selecting Request ID check.

Step 13: Pay for ID check

After the ID check has been requested, the RIW System will prompt for payment.  Complete the payment via PayPal or Pay on Account (if applicable - Premium Functionality Employers only) by clicking on the Checkout button.

Part D - RIW cardholder completes the ID check

Step 14: Cardholder completes ID check

The cardholder will then receive an email to commence their online ID check. The cardholder will need to provide an acceptable identification document. Please refer to the article What identification documents does a cardholder require to complete an ID check? for more information.

If the ID check is rejected please refer to the article How does a company manage a rejected ID check?  

IMPORTANT! Once the ID check process has been requested and paid for, the cardholder has 10 days before the link expires. 

If this period lapses, the RIW System User will need to request and pay for a new ID check.

Part E - RIW System User finalises onboarding and orders the RIW card

Step 15: Pay cardholder subscription and order RIW card

Once the ID check has been completed, the on-boarding process can be finalised by ordering an RIW card. At this point the RIW System User will be prompted to pay the cardholder's fees (Supply of New Card Fee and Annual RIW Card Fee) before the RIW card can be ordered.  For more information about pricing, please visit our RIW Knowledge Centre article What is the RIW Pricing Model?

Step 16: Onboarding cardholder

Before continuing with the on-boarding, it may be a requirement that the cardholder undertakes a medical assessment by an Authorised Health Professional (AHP)

This process is not handled within the RIW System and must be requested directly with an AHP. However, AHPs have their own limited access to cardholders profile on the RIW System. This means that any Medical and/or Drugs & Alcohol test results and their associated certificates may be uploaded directly to the RIW System by an AHP. We advise checking with the AHP at the time of assessment if this is possible. 

If the AHP is not offering the direct upload service, the RIW System User can request for a medical to be added to the cardholder's profile by submitting an Upload Medical Certificate Service Request on the RIW website at

The fit slip provided by the AHP is entered into the profile by the RIW Service Desk and is available for the RIW System User to view via the Medicals tab in the individual cardholder’s profile.  

Once an approved medical has been received, the RIW System User can continue with the on-boarding.

Step 17: Manage cardholder profile

Once the new card has been ordered, the Employer Administrator may then commence uploading the required job roles and competencies.

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