How does a company pay the annual cardholder subscription?

Step 1

Go to and login using your Employer Administrator credentials.

Step 2

Click on the Expiries tab.

Step 3

Click on Worker Subscriptions tab on the left hand side menu

Step 4

A list of all cardholders and their pending subscriptions will be displayed. Click on the radio buttons Show All, Show Forthcoming, Show Expired and New Workers will help to filter the list. Cardholders whose subscriptions have expired will be highlighted in red.

To renew a subscription, click on the checkbox(es) next to the the cardholder(s) name and click on Renew Subscription. Multiple cardholders can be selected if required.

Note: If paying for an annual subscription ($30+GST), the item will be sent straight to the shopping basket.  If paying a 5 year subscription renewal fee ($85+GST), then a prompt to order a new card will display.  The 10 year renewal fee ($100+GST) will also include an ID check and new card order.

Step 5

The shopping basket will be displayed. Click Checkout to proceed to payment.

Step 6

At the checkout screen, choose Card / PayPal and then click Make Payment. NOTE: Premium Functionality Employers may elect to pay on account (POA) as previously agreed with MTA.

Step 7

After clicking on the Make Payment button, the PayPal platform will be displayed.

Complete the payment via a PayPal account or by using a credit/debit card in the PayPal platform.

Step 8

A confirmation email will be sent to verify that the payment has been accepted, which will include an order number and PayPal reference number. 

Step 9

To access a history of previous transactions, go to the Payment History tab on the main dashboard.  You can use the drop down boxes to filter payments as required.

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