How does an Assessor manage a job role assessment?

This article details how an Assessor can manage and approve a job role assessment assigned to them in the RIW System.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Assessor


Go to and log in using your Assessor credentials.


This will display the Assessor Main Dashboard. 

Pending, approved and rejected job role assessments can be viewed on the My Job Role Assessments tile. If an item requires attention, a blue box with a number will display next to the tasks as per the above example.


Clicking on the Pending Job Role Assessments shortcut will load all pending job role assessments. The My Job Role Assessments screen will display and by default the Pending Assessment menu will be highlighted on the left hand side menu.

Click on the Rail Industry Worker that requires a job role assessment and click View Person.


The cardholder profile will now display.  Click on the Job Roles tab from the left-hand menu, and the job role requiring assessment will display.  

Click on the job role that requires assessment, and then click Assess Job Role.


On the Assess Job Role screen, you can view all competencies submitted to you for assessment.  You can view the evidence files by clicking on the View link next to each competency.

Assess the evidence submitted against the relevant RIW Business Rule to ensure compliance.  If the evidence meets the criteria, use the drop down Assessment Status box to choose the appropriate status; Assessment Approved or Assessment Rejected.

Continue to repeat this step to review all the competencies that require assessment.


You can fill in the Assessment Notes with any relevant information, and also upload any further evidence files, such as checklists or work logs. You can continue adding further files by clicking on Add Another Evidence File.

When all the details have been added to the assessment and you are satisfied the cardholder has demonstrated the appropriate competencies, click on Approve Assessment.

A notification will be sent to the requester that the job role assessment has been approved, and the job role will be immediately valid on the Rail Industry Worker's profile.


If the evidence provided does not meet assessment criteria, then choose Assessment Rejected from the Assessment Status drop down, write in any relevant Assessment Notes, and then click Reject Assessment.

A notification will be sent to the requester that the job role assessment has been rejected, and the job role will continue to be invalid on the Rail Industry Worker's profile.

You can view any rejected job role assessments by clicking on the Rejected Assessment tab from the left-hand menu.

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