How is a site block removed following a non-negative BAC breath test?

As part of the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Breathalyser integration, a designated site contact will receive notifications via email and SMS for those individuals that have received a non-negative result from a BAC breath test at the site. In addition to this, individuals who receive a non-negative result will have their card ‘site blocked’ until an Employer, Project or Site Admin lifts the block from the Cardholder’s profile following a second confirmatory test. If the second confirmatory test results in a confirmed positive, then a Network Operator block will be placed.

Note - Only the Contractor in Charge’s Employer, Project or Site Administrator can lift a site-block on a cardholders RIW profile.

Step 1

Go to and login using your Employer Administrator or Project/Site Administrator credentials.

Step 2

In the event a cardholder is blocked as a result of a non-negative BAC breath test and you wish to lift the block, you will need to log in as the Employer, Project or Site Admin of the site. Note: please ensure site requirements are followed in regards to secondary testing if required.

Once logged in, go to the cardholder’s profile and click on the Block option on the left-hand side menu.

Step 3

Click on the block line item description then click Lift.  Add the Authorised Person’s name to lift the block and click Save.

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