RIW System - Main Dashboard Explained

This article provides a basic overview of the RIW System Main Dashboard.

Note: Each RIW System user role (i.e. Employer Admin, Project Admin, Medical Provider USer etc.) will have access to or see different functions available to their permission. You can refer to What RIW System User Roles or permissions are there in the RIW System?

This instruction applies to the following user roles:


Go to https://app.riw.net.au and login using your credentials.


The Main Dashboard will display.

The tabs, highlighted by the red box below, are menus that you can access. Each tab represents a main area of the system that you can edit or view.

In the top right of the screen you will find your username, company and user permission.


A dashboard shortcut allows you to access functionality of the system from the main dashboard without further navigation.  Most of the functions that have dashboard shortcuts can also be found on a tab.

Most, but not all functionality that is represented by a dashboard shortcut can be found under a tab.


Shortcuts with alerts display actions or items that are pending action. These appear as a blue number next to the item that requires attention.


Clicking on the Help button on the bottom left of the screen will bring up the Resource Centre.

The Resource Centre contains:
  • A search to find relevant RIW Knowledge Centre articles
  • How to get help
  • A direct link to the RIW Knowledge Centre
  • A direct link to the RIW Business Rules
  • Links to relevant service requests (based on your permission)
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Guided Walkthroughs
  • Community of Practice Webinars and event registration

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