How does a company update cardholder status options and communication preferences?

Status Options provide an Employer Administrator with the opportunity to assign or un-assign certain access right to a newly created or existing cardholder by checking/unchecking the relevant flag(s), as well as updating their communication preferences for RIW System Notifications and Vircarda Messages

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Helpdesk

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2: Search for My People

Click on the Search for My People shortcut, either from the Main Dashboard or on the People tab.

Step 3: Search for My People

Search filters are available to refine the list of cardholders displayed. All cardholders are displayed by default when clicking the SEARCH button without any filtering.

Depending on your RIW User Role, you may be able to filter by first name, surname, RIW number, Company, Relationship, Project or Site.

Use the page options underneath the list to view more or less records per page and to navigate to the required page. Columns can be sorted by clicking on the column title.

NOTE: Please be careful with using common data that may generate a large number of results.

Step 4: Select cardholder to view

Highlight the required cardholder record from the list and click EDIT. Double clicking on the cardholder record will also open the cardholders profile.

The cardholders information will then be displayed.

Step 5: Update Status Options

Click on the Status Options menu on the left hand side menu. From here, the status options can be checked / unchecked as required, based on the definitions at the end of this article.

An RIW System User can also update cardholder communication preferences by allowing company messages and employment/association requests to be sent to Vircarda (by default, Employment and Association requests are always sent by email). RIW System Users can can also elect to have the cardholder receive subscription, competency and medical expiry notifications, and job role leave date notifications.

NOTE: Cardholders can also update their own communication preferences in myRIW. Please refer to the RIW Knowledge Centre article How can a cardholder update their communication preferences in myRIW?

To update a communication preference, drop the field for each item and choose the appropriate option; Do not notify, Email, Vircarda, Email and Vircarda.

Once the status options have been updated, click SAVE.

Status Option Definitions

Access Controller

An Access Controller is the term given to a cardholder who is responsible for swiping in/out of individuals at a worksite, as well as checking competencies of cardholders to ensure compliance. This person could be for example, but not limited to; a Track Force Protection Coordinator, Protection Officer or Site Supervisor. 

The Access Controller status option enables the cardholders to function as an Access Controller and use the mobile apps or PC card reader to perform the various actions supported, e.g. swiping self and other cardholders into and out of sites, spot-checking cards, awarding site-based competencies, such as Inductions, Briefings and Toolbox Talks. 

Spot Checker only

A Spot Checker is the term given to a cardholder on the system with the permission to check cards of other cardholder’s roles and competencies. This could be for example, a site safety representative, an auditor or a rail safety officer from the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator.

This access enables the cardholder/auditor to use the mobile apps or PC card reader to perform Spot Checks of cardholders’ virtual or physical cards. No other functionality is available.

Can self-swipe

Useful for cardholders who work alone, updating this status option allows cardholders to swipe themselves into and out of sites. They are not authorised to swipe in other cardholders.

Checking this box does not prevent the cardholder from also being swiped in by an approved Access Controller (i.e. someone with the Access Controller option checked) as part of a team.

Share employment

This flag allows the cardholder profile to be shared with addition of two other companies. In the case of secondary employment, only the primary employer has edit rights and this status only changes if the cardholder’s primary employment is changed to another shared employer. The cardholder must approve any secondary employment requests via their myRIW account before access is granted. This flag can be unticked at any time by the primary employer of the cardholder. If the flag is unticked the cardholder will automatically lose the employment of the secondary companies and the companies will be notified via email.

New to industry

This flag will prominently identify and let the Access Controller or Spot Checker know that the cardholder is inexperienced, and display New to the Rail Industry when their card is swiped via the mobile apps or PC card reader.


This flag is set automatically if the individual was created as a Visitor during the visitor registration process.

Deselecting the Visitor? Checkbox will change the person’s record into a non-visitor record and, therefore, allow them to be found during a person search and employed following the normal procedures.

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