What methods can be used to swipe cardholders and visitors into site?

There are five methods that can be used to swipe / read a physical or virtual RIW card or visitor pass:

RIW App (Android or iOS) 

The RIW App enables Access Controllers and Spot Checkers to manage the workforce on site. Functions include the ability to check cardholders into site, start teams, view job roles and competencies, as well as awarding competencies such as tool box talks etc. The RIW App can be downloaded from the relevant App store

PC Card Reader 

A PC Card Reader can be purchased and used as a plug-in device to the USB port of any computer or laptop. This hardware allows for the scanning of cards using a smartcard reader instead of an in-built camera for QR codes. The PC Card Reader application can be accessed from the RIW login page via the PC Card Reader link at the bottom of the screenor directly at https://app.riw.net.au/Sync/Account/LogOn/ . PC Card Reader software must be installed on the device. For more information please view the setup and installation guide or refer to the RIW Knowledge Centre Article How to use the PC Card Reader.

Web Card Reader

The Web Card Reader provides a modern and flexible addition to the RIW App and PC Card Reader.  It allows an Access Controller or Spot Checker to login and swipe visitor and cardholder cards, select and award competencies (including pending competencies) and perform spot checks. A Spot Checker can also log in, with competency and swipe functionality disabled. Team features as seen in the Android and iOS apps are not available.

The web card reader runs in a browser. It is accessed via the Web Card Reader link on the RIW login screen at https://app.riw.net.au/. An active and stable internet connection must be available to use this application. For more information please refer to our RIW Knowledge Centre Article How to use the Web Card Reader.

PAC Reader (i.e. turnstiles and boom gates)

On some sites, a Physical Access Control (PAC) Reader may be used as part of enabling cardholders to be checked/swiped upon entering a turnstile or physical barrier. A PAC reader can be used as access control on sites and has the ability to be configured using the Project/Site Requirements. The PAC reader requires constant internet connection and power to maintain consistency when cardholders swipe in/out of turnstiles/physical barriers.

Configuration is required and an installation guide is available for sites looking to use this option. Please contact the RIW Service Desk for more information.

Kiosk or Tablet 

The RIW System also integrates with RIW enabled Kiosks and Tablets for automated self-swiping of cardholders (no requirement for an Access Controller to physically swipe cardholders or visitors into site).  For more information about this, please refer to our RIW Knowledge Centre on Kiosks & Tablets.

RIW Knowledge Centre Article Link:


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