How do you add and edit site safety briefings for kiosks?

This article details how you can add and edit kiosk site safety briefings for Rail Industry Workers and visitors who swipe into site on a RIW Kiosk.

Safety briefings are information that supports safe working at a site. Safety briefings can be added and configured to be delivered to cardholders and visitors.

When updating site requirements in the RIW System, it can take between 15-30 minutes for any changes to be transferred to a Kiosk, such as site entry rules, working hour rules, site briefings or site inductions. Sites should assess the risk between when the change is made in the RIW System to when it is available in the Kiosk, and determine whether alternative access control measures are required during the update period.

It is advised that site briefings are added to the RIW System at least the day before it is required, and the start date set accordingly.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin (where designated as a Contractor In Charge)
  • Employer Admin - No Payment (where designated as a Contractor In Charge)
  • Helpdesk
  • Project Admin
  • Site Admin


Go to and log in using your credentials.


Click on Administration > Briefing.


On the Briefings screen, click on the Add button to create a new briefing.  From this screen you can also edit an existing briefing by clicking on the briefing and then Edit.


On the Briefing screen complete the following:
  • Name: name of the new briefing.
  • Category: Safety Briefing is the only category.
  • Specific To: Select whether the briefing is specific to the network, a project or to a site. Depending on the option chosen, you will then need to specify the Network, Project or Site.
  • Cardholder or Visitor: You must choose one option each for Cardholder and Visitor, to Show Every Time the person swipes into the kiosk, Show Once Only or Not Applicable. These can be set independently.
  • Content: Upload a PDF file with the briefing material by clicking on the Choose File button and locating the file on your PC/device.

Note: As the kiosks have a landscape screen orientation it is recommended that all content be produced in landscape orientation to better align with this and improve readability.

When all the fields are completed, click Save.  


Now that the briefing has been added, you can edit when it is displayed through site settings.

Go to Administration > Site.


On the Site screen, a list of sites will appear.  Highlight the site and click Edit.


On the Briefings tab, click the Add button.


Complete the Add Briefing pop-up:


  • Briefing: Start typing the name of the briefing and a drop down of available options will appear for selection.
  • Is Active: The Is Active check box must be ticked for the safety briefing requirement to be enforced from the Start Date.
  • Start Date: Is the date the briefing will appear on the kiosk for cardholders. It is advised that the safety briefing is loaded the day prior to the start date, to ensure there is no delay when the briefing syncs to the Kiosk.
  • End Date: Is the date the briefing will cease to appear for cardholders, if applicable.

Click on the Save button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When a safety briefing is first added to the RIW System following this process, there may a short delay of up to 30 minutes while the safety briefing is synced to the Kiosk. During this syncing period, cardholders will be unable to view the briefing and will be provided a Kiosk onscreen message requesting them to try again or to contact an Access Controller for site access. To ensure a delay is not experienced, please load Safety Briefings the day prior to the start date.


The briefing will now display on the Kiosk on the start date.

Briefings must be acknowledged as read and understood, and record of acknowledgement is maintained on their profile (Rail Industry Worker and visitor).

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