How does a company manage the Muster List?

A Muster List is a summary of all cardholders and visitors currently swiped into sites/zones linked to a project.  The Muster List can be generated at any time, and can also be used to perform muster list swipe outs.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Network Manager 
  • Network Manager - Read Only 
  • Project Admin
  • Site Admin

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Go to and login using your credentials. 

Step 2: Muster List shortcut

On the main dashboard, click on the Muster List shortcut.

Step 3: Muster List

All the cardholders who are currently swiped into a site/zone associated with the assigned Project will be displayed.

The filter option can also be used to refine the list of by project or site.

To refine the list of cardholders surfaced, each column can be sorted by clicking on the column header. To locate a single cardholder, use the filters available (RIW Number, First Name or Surname) and click Search. 


To view a cardholder profile, highlight the cardholder and click the View button.


An Export option is also available which, if chosen, will send the search results for all cardholders displayed (or an individual which has been highlighted) to an Excel spreadsheet to save on the PC.


It is also possible to swipe out cardholders via this view without having to swipe the cardholders RIW card. Select a cardholder from the list and click Swipe Out. This can be helpful if a cardholder has left a site and forgotten to swipe out at the end of their shift.


This type of swipe is recorded as a Muster List Swipe Out, to differentiate from other types of swipe out events. Please note that if a Muster List Swipe Out is performed, that an automatic 12 hour shift length will apply.  Please refer to our RIW Knowledge Centre article Shift Management - How are open shifts closed in the RIW System?

Note: Where a cardholder is swiped into a zone as well as a site, they must be swiped out from both the zone and the site.

RIW Knowledge Centre Article Link:

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