How does the Web Card Reader display cardholders whose access is denied?

Under certain situations the RIW System will automatically deny access to a cardholder. These are:

  • Cardholder is blocked;
  • Cardholder has no current employer;
  • Cardholder’s card has been cancelled;
  • Cardholder does not hold a competency or job role that is required to access the chosen project, site or zone.

This article details how this will be displayed on a cardholders profile through the Web Card Reader.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Spot Checker
  • Assessor

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Go to click on the Web Card Reader link, or alternatively, go direct to the Web Card Reader at


Step 2: Accessing Web Card Reader

Follow the instructions for initialising the Web Card Reader in the RIW Knowledge Centre Article How to use the Web Card Reader, as these steps can be quite detailed for first time use.

Step 3: Swipes tab

To view a cardholders details, select the Swipes tab from the top menu. 

Mobile View

Step 4: Swipe in options

Click the Swipe In button to present a set of card read options:  Click on the option for the swipe on.

  • QR Code (Camera) - scan the QR code on a cardholder’s physical/virtual card or a visitor pass using a web cam or the mobile device’s camera;
  • QR Code (Scanner) - scan the QR code on a cardholder’s physical/virtual card or visitor pass using a QR code gun. This option is not available on mobile devices;
  • Forgotten Card - search for a cardholder’s card using key information.

Step 5: Message - Access Denied

When the cardholder's access is denied, the only option available for selection will be to click OK (as shown below), which will record an Access Denied - System swipe on the RIW System.

The system will record the denied access swipe along with the reason for the denied access.

Mobile View

RIW Knowledge Centre Article Link:

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