How does a cardholder sign in and sign out of an RIW Kiosk or Tablet?

This article details how an RIW cardholder can sign into an RIW Kiosk or Tablet on site.

Step 1: Sign In 

To sign in, tap the RIW Sign-In tile on the Kiosk home page.

Step 2: Scan card

Place the RIW card, front side up, in the card scanner.  If the cardholder does not have their card, they can use the Forgotten Card function detailed at Step 13.

Step 3: Identity confirmation

Confirm your identity by tapping on the Yes button.

Step 4: Thermal screening (where enabled)

If thermal screening is enabled on the kiosk, a temperature will be taken.  The cardholder must align their face before a reading is captured.  If an abnormal temperature is detected, an email is sent to the designated site contact for further follow up.

Step 5: Site Induction or Site Briefing

If a site induction or a site briefing needs to be delivered to the cardholder prior to signing in, the cardholder will be presented with the content.  Click the forward and back arrows to progress through the induction or briefing.

Step 6:Breathalyser

If a Breathalyser unit is installed, you may be prompted to take a straw and place it in the Breathalyser unit, breathing as instructed.

Step 7: Breathalyser approval

If the Breathalyser value returns as ‘0.000’, the Breathalyser result is approved

Step 8: Breathalyser test failure

If the Breathalyser value returns more than ‘0.000’, the Breathalyser result has failed. At this point, a notification will be sent to the designated site contact and the cardholder will be blocked from entering site pending confirmatory testing.

Step 9: Employer and Job Details

On the next screen, the cardholder must select their Employer and Job role from the available dropdown options. Click submit.

Step 10: Employer and Job Details - Confirmation

The cardholder is to Confirm the Employer and job role.

Step 11: Employer and Job Details - No Access

If there are any issues with the cardholder or requirements of the site the cardholder can not meet, the following error messages may appear.

No Current Employer

To have authority to work using a RIW card, a RIW cardholder must have a Primary Employer designated in the RIW System.


Solution: Advise the RIW cardholder to ask their Employer to send them an employment request in the RIW System

National or Network Block Exists

A National or Network block has been placed on the RIW cardholder. This could be due to a number of reasons, including a failed D&A results, failure to comply to a Network Operators procedures, serious safety breach etc.


Solution: The RIW cardholder or their Employer to contact the relevant Network Operator to determine reason for block.

Site Block Exists

A site block may exist due to a non-negative Blood Alcohol Check result.  


Solution: If a confirmatory test shows the RIW cardholder had a negative Blood Alcohol Check result, then the site block may be removed by the Employer, Project or Site Admin for the site.   

Cardholder Subscription has Expired

A RIW cardholder must maintain a current annual cardholder subscription in the RIW System.


Solution: The cardholders primary employer to ensure payment of the cardholders annual company subscription is paid

RIW Card Cancelled

An RIW card may be cancelled for a number of reasons, including it being lost, or at the request of the cardholder.


Solution: Contact the RIW Service Desk on 1300 101 682 or to determine cancellation reason and re-issue.

RIW Card Expired

RIW cards have a lifespan of 5 years.


Solution: Employer to re-request issue of a new RIW card. Note: an automatic reminder will be sent 12 weeks prior to card expiry

Swipe Out Error

In this scenario

  1. A swipe in record could not be located for the RIW cardholder, or
  2. The RIW cardholder did not swipe in


Solution: If a swipe record is required, contact the Site Controller for further direction.

Expired Visit

This error is seen when a person is trying to swipe out from a site without been signed in for that site.


Solution: The cardholder must swipe into site first.  If a swipe record is required, contact the Site Controller for further direction

Step 12: Access granted

Access is now granted and a badge (sticker) will be printed for the cardholder.

The badge must be worn by the cardholder while on site.

Step 13: Forgotten RIW card

If the cardholder does not have their RIW card available, then the cardholder can click the Forgotten Card button on the sign-in screen.

Step 14: Remember RIW card number?

A pop up window will appear asking if you know your RIW number. Choose Yes or No.

Step 15: Enter cardholder details

If you remember your RIW card number, you can enter your RIW number and Date of Birth. If not, then you can enter  your First name, Last Name and Date of Birth


Click submit when complete and follow the previous sign-on instructions at Step 9 to choose your employer and job role.

The cardholder is now signed onto site.

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