What is Vircarda Messaging and Vircarda System Notification Messages?

The Messaging feature (where enabled) gives companies the ability to send custom messages, or automated system messages, from the RIW System direct to a Rail Industry Worker's mobile device through the Vircarda mobile app.

Vircarda Messages

The primary purpose of messaging is to alert cardholders to matters of their own protection and safety.  RIW users with Client Manager, Network Manager or Premium Functionality Employer Admin access can manually create, schedule and send secure, interactive multimedia content messages to a select audience of cardholders.  The Messaging feature also has its own reporting tool which can generate and export a comprehensive, data rich analysis on cardholder engagement with a sent message.

Vircarda System Notification Messages

Alongside cardholder emails, the RIW System automatically sends RIW System generated notification messages to a Rail Industry Worker's Vircarda app, triggered by the events listed below:

  • New employment or association request
  • Subscription expiry
  • Competency expiry
  • Medical expiry
  • Job role leave date or validity

System Notification Messages are automated, and there is no need for RIW System Users to manage these in any way. For more information on how to toggle notification preferences, please refer to the RIW Knowledge Centre articles How does a company update cardholder status options and communication preferences? and How can a cardholder update their notification preferences in myRIW?

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