How to manage Vircarda Messages

This article provides an overview of the Messaging Dashboard, and how Client Managers, Network Managers and Employer Admins (Premium Functionality Employers) can perform the following message actions:

Note: Vircarda messages created and displayed on the Dashboard are only those that the RIW System User has created themselves.  It is not possible to view, edit or manage Vircarda Messages created by another user in the organisation, or to view Vircarda Messages from other organisations. It may be worthwhile considering having a separate RIW System login solely for an organisations' messaging use.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • Employer Admin (Premium Functionality Employer)
  • Network Manager
  • Client Manager

Access the Messaging Dashboard

The Messaging Dashboarcan be accessed from the Messaging tab:

Or from the Messaging shortcut on the Home Dashboard.

View Existing Messages

Users can select whether to view all messages (All Messages), or Draft, Scheduled or Sent messages within a specific folder by selecting the appropriate icon in the View by status column.  All Messages within the Default folder is displayed by default.

Once a user has chosen their desired view, they can also filter for specific text contained with the title or body of a message by using the Search for messages search bar.

Manage Message Folders

Additional folders can be created and used to store both draft and sent messages by selecting the + Create Folder icon.

Hovering the mouse cursor over a folder allows the user to select options to rename or delete folders.

Only empty folders can be deleted. The Default folder cannot be deleted or renamed.

Manage Draft Messages

Selecting the drop-down arrow on the right of a draft company message allows the user to perform the following actions:

  • Edit: Opens the draft message so that it can be edited.
  • Copy: Opens a copy of the message which can then be saved as a new draft or sent as a new message.
  • Move: Allows the user to move the message to a new folder.
  • Delete: Permanently deletes the message.

Manage Sent Messages

Selecting the drop-down arrow on the right of a sent message allows a user to view a Message report, create a copy that can then be resent as a new message, or to move the message into a separate folder.

Note: Sent messages can be moved and copied, but can not be edited or deleted.

To create a new message, please refer to the RIW Knowledge Centre article How to compose a Message.

RIW Knowledge Centre Article Link:

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