How can a cardholder update their notification preferences in myRIW?

This article will detail how a cardholder can update their communication preferences in their myRIW profile.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • myRIW User (i.e. RIW cardholder)

Step 1: Log in to MyRIW

Go to and login using your credentials.  If you haven't yet created your myRIW, please refer to the RIW Knowledge Centre article How does a cardholder create a myRIW profile?

Step 2: Manage my Account shortcut

Click on the Manage my Account shortcut.

Step 3: Change Notification Preferences

Click on Change Notifications Preferences shortcut.

Step 4: Update preferences

In the Change Notifications Preferences screen, a cardholder can toggle on and off the various RIW System notification preferences such as:

  • Allow company messages in Vircarda, the app where a virtual RIW card is stored. A company message is sent from a Network Operator or Premium Functionality Employer regarding working on their network/project/site, or about a job role or competency you hold. 
  • Allow notifications about employment and/or association requests, subscription expiries, competency expiries, medical expiries, and job role leave dates.

Clicking on the drop down menu beside each item allows a cardholder to choose further options:

  • Do not send
  • Email only
  • Vircarda only
  • Email and Vircarda

Once the preferences have been updated, click Save Changes.

Note: some users may experience difficulties in updating their notification preferences when using Internet Explorer. Please try in an alternative browser.

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