What are the RIW Business Rules?

RIW Business Rules provide the minimum acceptance criteria for the verification of competence across RIW Program participants. This means that for every competency managed in the RIW System, a corresponding business rule is in place to provide guidance to industry on the competency acceptance requirements, expiry and upload requirements and acceptable and un-acceptable evidence examples.

The Business Rules can be accessed at https://businessrules.riw.net.au/support/solutions

Business Rules are categorised as:

  • National
  • Network
  • Principal Contractor

To search for a business rule, enter key words or the RIW System competency code into Business Rules Search, or use the category search (left hand side menu), to look for competencies categorised in National, Network or Principal Contractor.

A link to the Business Rules will also be accessible in the RIW System itself through the Resource Centre. Once logged in to the RIW System, you can access the Resource Centre by clicking on the Help button below, which is located in the bottom right of the RIW portal, and selecting the Get Help option.

At the bottom of every Business Rule, there will be a shortened link to the Business Rule, as well as a feedback section where you can provide feedback on the relevant article. Clicking on the thumbs up and thumbs down icon provides feedback regarding the business rule. When clicking the thumbs down option, you can leave your feedback and/or question, which will automatically raise a ticker with the RIW Service Desk for action.

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