Kiosk Error Messages

This article outlines error messages that may be encountered when using a kiosk/tablet. 


This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Employer Administrator
  • Employer Administrator - No Payment
  • Employer Administrator - Read Only
  • Advanced Project Administrator
  • Project Administrator
  • Site Administrator
  • myRIW - RIW Cardholder

Sign In / Sign out Errors

When using a Kiosk solution, an RIW cardholder may be presented with sign in (Access Denied) or sign out error messages. 

Please see below for possible scenarios:

Access Denied - Missing Requirements 

This error occurs when the RIW cardholder does not meet the project, site or zone requirements as set by the project owner. These pre-requisites can include:

   1. Competencies

   2. Job roles

Solution: Ensure that the RIW cardholder holds the competency/ies and/or job roles required by the Project, Site and/or Zone.

Access Denied – Outside Working Hours 

Working Hour Rules are defined as the maximum allowable working hours for an RIW cardholder over a defined period,. These are defined by the Project owner. 

This error message displays when the RIW cardholder is attempting to sign on after the working hour rules have been exceeded.

Solution: Allow the required time between shifts to pass and re-attempt to swipe. 

Alternatively, the RIW cardholder can contact the Site's primary contact to confirm the denied access. 

No Current Employer

To have authority to work using an RIW card, an RIW cardholder must have a Primary Employer designated in the RIW System.


Solution: Advise the RIW cardholder to ask their primary Employer to send them an employment request in the RIW System and ensure that they have accepted the request via their myRIW account prior to attempting to access site again. 

National or Network block exists

A National or Network block has been placed on the RIW cardholder's profile. This could be due to a number of reasons, including a failed D&A results, failure to comply to a Network Operators procedures or a serious safety breach etc.


Solution: The RIW cardholder or their Employer is to contact the relevant Network Operator to determine reason for block.


Site Block Exists

A site block may exist due to a non-negative Breath Alcohol Check result.  


Solution: If a confirmatory test shows the RIW cardholder had a confirmed negative Breath Alcohol Check result, then the site block may be removed by the Employer, Project or Site Administrator for the site.   

Cardholder Subscription Expired

A RIW cardholder must maintain a current annual cardholder subscription in the RIW System.


Solution: The cardholder should contact their primary employer to ensure payment of the cardholders annual subscription is paid.

RIW Card Cancelled

An RIW card may be cancelled for a number of reasons, including it being lost, or at the request of the cardholder.


Solution: RIW cardholder to contact their Primary Employer to determine the cancellation reason and potentially re-issue a new card.

RIW Card Expired

RIW cards have a lifespan of 5 years, after which they will expire and a replacement card will be required.


Solution: Request that the cardholder contact their primary employer to re-request issue of a new RIW card. Note: an automatic reminder will be sent 12 weeks prior to card expiry.

Swipe Out Error

In this scenario

  1. A swipe in record could not be located for the RIW cardholder, or
  2. The RIW cardholder did not swipe in


Solution: If a swipe record is required, contact the Site Controller for further direction.

Swipe Submission Failed (Server Error Encountered)

A swipe out record could not be recorded within RIW, there may have been a server issue.

Solution: The cardholder should try and swipe out again and if the error persists, contact RIW Service Desk for support.

Breathalyser Failure

If the Breath Alcohol Check value returns more than ‘0.000’, the BrAC result will be failed.  At this point, a notification will be sent to the designated site contact and the RIW cardholder will be blocked from entering site and this workflow will not progress.

Visitor Error Messages

Expired Visit

This error is seen when a visitor is trying to swipe out from a site without being signed in for that site.


Solution: The cardholder must swipe into site first.  If a swipe record is required, contact the Site Controller for further direction.

Host Not Currently On Site

When a visitor accesses a kiosk site and the selected host has not yet swiped into the site, the visitor will be denied access with the reasons as ‘Host not on site’.

Solution: Ensure that the host is swipes onto the site prior to selecting the host.

Maximum Number of Visitor Passes Exceeded

A Visitor can access an RIW site for only 10 times a year. If the same visitor is trying to access a site using a kiosk and he/ she has already exhausted his current limit for the year, visitor will be denied access on the Kiosk. 

Solution: Ensure that the the visitor does not exceed the maximum number of visitor swipe ins. 

Kiosk Maintenance

Kiosk Under Maintenance

This message implies that the device has not had internet for over 72 hours. 

Confirm this by checking the top right hand corner wifi symbol and then router/network on site.

Solution: Restart the kiosk/tablet and ensure that it is connected to the internet at startup 

Database Sync Error

This message implies that the device could not connect to a network upon restarting. Most likely, if your device is connected to a modem/router directly you may experience this issue if the internet does not connect before the application launches. MTA currently deploys a delay to the application in order to minimise this issue to ensure ample time for internet to connect. Follow steps below first, if issue persist contact MTA support.

For a more detailed guide, click here.

Solution: Relaunch the  kiosk or contact the Service Desk

Preparing kiosk in background

This screen indicates the application has been restarted and is preparing to be launched. This also indicates that the system is downloading 72 hours worth of data to support ‘offline mode’.

Solution: In the event this screen is still showing after 10 minutes could indicate a disruption in network to the kiosk. Please ensure that the kiosk/tablet has a solid internet connection during this process. 

Kiosk Preparing in Background (Longer than 15 minutes)

Unstable or Degraded Internet Connection

The kiosk preparing in the background while starting up is a sign that the internet connection is unstable or degraded.

For an Internet Connection troubleshooting guide, click here.

Generic Microsoft Windows Notification

Microsoft Windows Prompt Dialog Box

Please check for a dialogue box displaying on the screen.  Follow the instructions in the dialogue box and restart the kiosk. To restart the kiosk, you will need to turn the PC off by depressing the power button, wait 5 seconds and then securely pressing the power button.

Photo of the PC and the power button.

Kiosk Under Maintenance

Internet Issues

This error message appears when the kiosk has not had an internet connection for over 72 hours.

For troubleshooting Kiosk Internet Connection Issues, click here.

Still not working?

If you encounter an error message not listed above, please contact the Service Desk on 1300 101 682 or raise a Service Request at at by selecting category & sub-category mentioned in the below screenshot: 

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