Verifying COVID-19 immunisation status as a Verification Officer

This article provides guidance for designated COVID-19 Verification Officers to sight COVID-19 evidence presented by RIW cardholders. 

This instruction applies to designated Verification Officers who may also perform the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer)
  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer) - No Payment
  • Advanced Project Administrator
  • Project Administrator
  • Site Administrator

The Verification Officer is a worksite representative that is nominated to perform verification duties associated with confirming the COVID-19 immunisation, testing or exemption status nominated on a relevant state COVID-19 Vaccination or Exemption Declaration Form

The Verification Officer is required to co-sign the form after sighting the relevant evidence.

Important: Verification Officers must not store or retain the immunisation status provided by the RIW cardholder.

Once all parties have completed and signed the COVID-19 Declaration Form, the form should be uploaded as evidence against the COVID-19 employer-based competency in accordance with worksite procedures.  

If you have any questions regarding the verification of COVID-19 evidence, please reach out to your worksite COVID-19 Marshal for further advice. 

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