What is the Next Key Expiry Report for Valid Job Roles?

This article provides an overview of the Next Key Expiry Report for Valid Job Roles Report, which is available as an RIW System Report.

The Next Key Expiry Report for Valid Job Roles Report provides the ability for the below user roles to be able to monitor the date and item that is due to expire within a Job Role for an RIW cardholders.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Network Operator
  • Network Operator Read Only
  • Employer Administrator/ Employer Administrator No Payment/Employer Administrator Read only
  • Advanced Project Admin

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Go to https://app.riw.net.au and login using your credentials. 

Step 2: Reports tab

Click on the Reports tab that is on the top of the screen.

Step 3: Existing reports

Click on the Existing Reports icon.

Step 4: Reports List

A list of RIW System default reports will appear.  Click on Next Key Expiry Report for Valid Job Roles.

Note: The Reports List displayed below may be different to the Report List surfaced for the logged on RIW System User, depending on the permissions granted to the RIW System User Role.

Step 5: Refine report criteria

On the Next Key Expiry Report for Valid Job Roles Report criteria page, enter a specific Job Role or simply leave the field blank to capture the next key expiry date and item for all valid Job Roles held by your workforce.  Once the field has been populated or left blank, click Run Report.

Step 6: Report displays

The report will surface:

  • Cardholder details including contact details.
  • Cost Centre Code
  • Job Role Name, owner and if it is assessable
  • Next Key Expiry item
  • Next Key Expiry date

Step 7: Export report

The report can be exported to a CSV file by clicking on the Export button.  The following Export Report pop-up will appear, advising the report has been queued.  The report will be emailed to the logged in RIW System Users contact email.  Click OK.

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