How does a visitor sign in and out of a RIW Kiosk?

Learn how a visitor can sign in and out of a RIW Kiosk.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Visitor


To sign in, tap the Visitor Sign-In tile on the RIW Kiosk or Tablet home page.


The visitor must read and agree to the Access Agreement. The Access Agreement explains how information may be collected and used for the RIW Program. Tap I Agree to proceed.

NOTE: Visitors who do no agree to the Access Agreement will not be permitted onsite. If a visitor does not swipe into site within 30 days of their visitor profile creation, their details will be deleted from the RIW System.


The visitor may have already received a visitor pass generated from the RIW System that contains a QR code. If so, the visitor can scan the QR code now and then proceed to Step 7.


If the visitor has not received a visitor pass with a QR code, press No QR Code to scan?

On the next page, the visitor can enter their First Name, Surname and Date of Birth. Tap Next.

The Kiosk will check with the RIW System if the visitor already has their details recorded in the system. If a match is found between the visitor details and a Rail Industry Worker, the follow error will display.

If the visitor has a RIW card, they can sign in using the RIW Sign-In function following instructions in How does a cardholder sign in and sign out of an RIW Kiosk or Tablet?

If the visitor is not a Rail Industry Worker, please contact a site host who can perform a site host visitor registration.

NOTE: After being registered by a site host, the visitor must then sign-in following these instructions.


If no matching errors are detected, the visitor can enter their Company, Email and Phone Number. Tap Submit.


The visitor must confirm all details entered are correct by tapping Yes.


The Kiosk will now take a profile photo for the visitor pass.  The visitor must look into the camera and align their face to the provided frame. Press the circle under the frame to take a photo. 

The photo taken in this step will be printed on the visitor badge. 

Tap NEXT to continue.


The visitor must now select an available host, who will be notified of their arrival. Enter the hosts First Name and Last Name and tap Submit.

If the host is not found, the following screen will appear. Please check in with a site supervisor for guidance on how to proceed.

If a site host is not available, the following screen will appear. Please check in with a site supervisor for guidance on how to proceed.

If there are two similarly named site hosts, you will be able to choose the correct host by tapping Confirm.

The host will now be notified of the visitors arrival.


Depending on the site requirements, the visitor may need to complete a site induction or briefing before accessing the site. 

After the induction or briefing has been read, the visitor must tap Acknowledged that they have read and understood the information.

A successfully completed message will be displayed. Tap Continue to proceed.


If a Breathalyser unit is installed, the visitor may be prompted to take a straw and place it in the Breathalyser unit, breathing as instructed.

If the Breathalyser value returns as ‘0.00’, the Breathalyser result is approved.

If the Breathalyser value returns more than ‘0.00’, the Breathalyser test has failed. At this point, a notification will be sent to the designated site contact and the visitor will be blocked from entering site pending confirmatory testing.


Once inductions or site briefings have been delivered and any breathalyser requirements satisfied, the visitor will be granted access and the host notified of their arrival. 

A badge will be printed, which the visitor can affix to their clothing while on site.


When the visitor is ready to leave site, they must attend the kiosk again and tap the Sign-Out tile on the home page. 


The visitor must scan the QR code on the badge which was printed at the time when the access was granted.

Alternatively, the visitor can enter their details by tapping Lost your visitor badge?

Press Sign-Out if the details are correct.

The visitor is now signed out of site.

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