What is geomapping in the RIW System?

Geomapping is a new feature included in the RIW System which is transforming the way users can engage with the wealth of swipe data within the RIW System. 

Each time a Rail Industry Worker or visitor swipes on or off a site, the RIW System records this within the database. This data has always been available in a tabulated format, but augmenting this data with an interactive map has enabled the rail industry to extract more insights from the information.

Users can visualise Rail Industry Workers who have swiped in at site, and where that site is on a map:

They are also able to interact with the map by clicking on the site icons to bring up more details, such as how many Rail Industry Workers are currently swiped in, where they have swiped in, and what time they swipe in during the day.

Geomaps has been added to both the swipes function and the muster list.  You can find out more about how to use these maps on:

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