How can a company update their primary contact?

This article details how a company can update the primary contact for their company in the RIW System.

A  primary contact is the person who was appointed to manage the relationship with the RIW Program when the company was first registered in the RIW System. They agree to the Company Registration - Terms and Conditions and are the RIW Program's point of contact with your company.

When a primary contact leaves a company, they should transfer this responsibility to another colleague within the company.  

A company must have a primary contact, and there can be only one primary contact.
NOTE: Adding a new company primary contact does not automatically grant RIW System credentials. To do so, please refer to How can a company manage colleague logins or add another RIW System User?

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Helpdesk


Go to and log in using your credentials. 


Click on My Account > Edit My Contacts/Offices.


On the Edit Employer screen, click on Contacts from the left-hand menu.

A list of current contacts will display.

You can Add a new contact, Edit an existing contact, or Delete a contact.


To add a new primary contact, click on Add.

Fill in the details of the new primary contact, noting that fields with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Ensure you click the Is Primary Contact and Is Active checkboxes.

Click Save.


The new primary contact will be added and marked as the new primary contact.


You can now delete the old primary contact by clicking on their name and Delete. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the record.  Click OK.

The contact has now been deleted.

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