Forgotten card function on the Web Card Reader

This article details how to use the forgotten card function on the Web Card Reader to perform a swipe action, spot check or award a competency to a Rail Industry Worker where the do not have access to their RIW card.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Access Controller
  • Spot Checker


Login to the Web Card Reader at, following instructions in How to log in and use the Web Card Reader.


The forgotten card function can be used when swiping a worker in or out of site, when spot checking a worker, or when awarding a competency or site-based competencyy to a worker with the Web Card Reader.

When you are required to identify a Rail Industry Worker and they do not have their RIW card, click on Forgotten Card.


On the Forgotten Card pop-up, enter the Rail Industry Worker's Surname, Initial of their first name, and either the workers RIW Number or Date of Birth. 

Click Find.

If the Rail Industry Worker details are matched, their profile will immediately display and you can continue to perform the required action.

If the Rail Industry Worker's details cannot be matched, please check their details and try again.

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