Swipe in or swipe out a Rail Industry Worker using the Web Card Reader

This article details how to swipe in or swipe out a Rail Industry Worker from a site or zone using the Web Card Reader.

Note: The Web Card Reader does not have the same team options found in the RIW App. You will only be able to see the swipe activity performed during your logged in session.

This instruction applies to the following user role:

  • Access Controller


Login to the Web Card Reader at https://cardchecker.riw.net.au/, following instructions in How to log in and use the Web Card Reader.


To swipe a Rail Industry Worker into site, click on the Swipes tab and Swipe In.

On the sub-menu, choose to scan the worker's RIW card using your device camera, a QR code scanner or the Forgotten Card function


When the card has been successfully read, the Rail Industry Worker's profile will display.  

You can assign the worker's Employer and job role for the shift, update their travel time to/from site, and also view their profile details, such as held competencies and job roles.

If you are satisfied the Rail Industry Worker meets site requirements, click Confirm Swipe.

If you feel the Rail Industry Worker does not meet site requirements, you can also Deny Swipe.

Once you have confirmed the swipe, the Rail Industry Worker and the swipe event will be displayed on the main screen.


Where the RIW System detects the Rail Industry Worker does not meet site/location requirements set by the Contractor in Charge, a notification will prominently display on the top of the worker's profile advising of the invalid requirement.

An automatic access denied event will be recorded. For more information, refer to What are the different types of swipe events and deny reasons in the RIW System?

In the case above, the Rail Industry Worker will need to complete the two pre-work briefs assigned a site requirement. Refer to View and award scheduled site-based competencies using the Web Card Reader?


To swipe a Rail Industry Worker out of site, click on the Swipes tab and then Swipe Out.

Similar to step 2, scan the RIW card or use the forgotten card function for the worker to be swiped out. On the worker's profile, you can update their travel time from or to place of rest, and then click Swipe Out.

The Rail Industry Worker will now be swiped out of site.

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