How to view swipe activity on a network, project, site or zone

This article details how to view swipe activity on a RIW controlled network, project, site or zone.

A swipe is a recorded event in the RIW System where a Rail Industry Worker or visitor presents a RIW card or visitor pass to swipe in or out of a RIW controlled site on the RIW App or Web Card Reader (Access Controller, Spot Checker or Self-Swipe), or a Kiosk.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Employer Admin - Read Only
  • Helpdesk
  • Network Manager
  • Network Manager - Read Only
  • Project Admin
  • Site Admin


Go to and log in using your credentials.


Click Swipes.


On the Swipes screen, use the search filters to refine the results you want to display. Click Search.

You can filter by Rail Industry Worker, Job Role, Project, Site, Zone and Start/End Date and Time. By default, only swipes for active sites will display, but you can deselect this flag if required.

Once the search has been completed, you can further filter the results by Swipe Event.  

A swipe event is a type of recorded event, such as Swipe In, Swipe Out, Kiosk Swipe In, Spot Check etc. Refer to What are the different type of swipe events and deny reasons in the RIW System? for more information.

Once an event has been chosen from the Event drop down, click Filter. The table will update accordingly.

You can sort each column by clicking on the column header, and you can drag and drop columns into a preferred order.

You can also Export the list to a CSV file.


Below the data table you will also find a map view of the filtered swipe data.

If you adjust the search parameters or filters, you must click Search or Filter to refresh the map view.

Interacting with the map by double clicking on a site will refresh the data table and display only that site data.


Depending on your view, the below window will display how many projects and sites are visible in the view, and how many swipe events have been recorded by individuals. It will also provide a heat map of when swipe activity occurred (note: this is in UTC time).


You can toggle between a Map or Satellite view, fullscreen or tilt view, or use the zoom in or zoom out functions.

The map view is also found on the muster list. For more information refer to How to use the muster list.

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