What notifications are generated by the RIW System?

There are a number of notifications generated from the RIW System that are: 

  • Periodic - sent when an item expires, such as a competency, rail health assessment or cardholder subscription.
  • Triggered - sent when an action performed in the RIW System requires a notification, such as an ID check status updates or competency rejections.

System notification preferences can be managed by RIW System users and cardholders by following the instructions in the below articles:

Periodic notifications

  • Worker (cardholder) subscription expires, sent at 4 weeks, 1 week and day of expiry.
  • Competency expires, sent at 12 weeks, 4 weeks, 1 week and day of expiry.
  • Medical expires. sent at 12 weeks, 4 weeks, 1 week and day of expiry.
  • Job role leave date, sent on date the leave date was applied.

Triggered notifications

  • RIW System User creation
  • RIW System User password reset
  • myRIW User creation
  • myRIW password reset
  • Employment requests
  • Association requests
  • ID check requests
  • ID check status updates
  • Competency verification rejections
  • Job Role Sent for Assessment
  • Job Role Assessment Cancelled
  • Job Role Assessment Approved
  • Job Role Assessment Rejected
  • RIW Non-Negative Breath Test - Site
  • D&A Test Positive Fail for Cardholder
  • Unfit Medical Result
  • RIW New Company Registration
  • RIW Order Confirmation
  • Person Pending Permission Access Agreement Rejected
  • Person Pending Permission Access Agreement Deleted
  • Primary Employment End Notification
  • Cardholder network blocked
  • Cardholder national blocked
  • Cardholder End Employment Notification

Site contacts will also receive RIW System notifications as outlined in What notifications are sent to site contacts?

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