What information do I need to register in the RIW system?

  • Company Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Company registered address
  • Estimate of the number of RIW cardholders that will be registered to the company. 

Step 1

Go to https://app.riw.net.au and click on Company Registration.


Step 2 - Populate the company registration form 

Enter a valid ABN in the company ABN field and click lookup. You can find all valid ABNs on the https://abr.business.gov.au/ website.


Note: If the company is already registered in the RIW database (identified by the ABN provided on the form), a message will be displayed informing the applicant to contact the RIW Service Desk on 1300 101 682 for more assistance.



The Registered Company Name and Trading As field will be automatically populated from the lookup search. If not, then the ABN is not valid. Correct the ABN and click Lookup again.


Note: you can change the Trading As field if you would like another name to be displayed in the RIW System.


Select the Payment Tier based on the estimate of the number of RIW cardholders the company will manage in the RIW System.

Step 3 - Provide company details

Enter company address and primary contact details as per the example below, noting that all items with a red asterisk (*) are compulsory.


Step 4 - Terms and Conditions

Tick the box to agree to Terms and Conditions, and complete the CAPTCHA by ticking the I am not a robot tick box (and eventually selecting pictures if required to do so).

Click on the Send button.

If successful, you will see the below message.



If you are not successful, the most common problem is that the ABN selected already exists in the RIW system. Please contact the RIW Service Desk on 1300 101 682 or info@riw.net.au for guidance.

Step 5

Once approved, an email containing a username and a link to login to the system and set a password will be sent to the Primary Contact. Complete the CAPTCHA (I’m not a robot), and click Save


Step 6 - Accepting data consent

Read through the data consent statement, and click the tick box and the Agree button to confirm acceptance. 



Step 7 - Access to the RIW System is now granted

Please refer to our video system walkthrough for Employer Administrators to see an overview of how to use the system. Alternatively, we have a range of self-help articles in the RIW Support Centre.