How do I register a company in the RIW System?

What information does a company need to register in the RIW System?

  • Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Estimate of the number of Rail Industry Workers to be managed by the company.
  • Registered address of the company.
  • Details of a primary contact for the company.
  • Authority to accept the Company Registration - Terms and Conditions on behalf of the company.

If you are a sole trader, please check out our article on How can I become a sole trader in the RIW System?


Go to and click on the Company Registration link. 


Enter a valid Australian Business Number in the Company ABN field and click Lookup. You can find all valid ABN's on the website.


The Registered Company Name and Trading As field will automatically populate from the lookup search. If not, then the ABN is not valid. Correct the ABN and click Lookup again.

Note: you can edit the Trading As name if you would like another name to be displayed in the RIW System.  The Registered Company Name can not be edited.


Select the appropriate Estimated Number of Workers based on the number of Rail Industry Worker's the company intends to manage in the RIW System for the following year.  This estimate will determine whether a volume based discount applies to cardholder fees, as per the RIW Pricing Model.


Enter the Company Address and Primary Contact Details, noting that all items with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.  

The primary contact is the person who will be issued RIW System credentials and be the point of contact regarding system administration.  



Tick the box to agree to the Company Registration - Terms and Conditions and complete the CAPTCHA by ticking the I'm not a robot tick box.

Click on the Send button.

If the company registration application is successful, the below message will display.  The RIW Service Desk will then process the application.



If the company registration application is not successful, the most common problem is that the ABN selected already exists in the RIW System. Only one unique ABN is allowed in the RIW System.  

Please contact the RIW Service Desk on 1300 101 682 or for further guidance.


Once the company registration application has been approved (this can take up to three business days), an email will be sent to the primary contact with their username and a link to set a password. 

Set and confirm the new password, tick the I’m not a robot CAPTCHA and click Save


Your password will now be saved. 


Go to and enter your Username and Password. Click Login.

The first time you log in you will need to verify your identity as two-factor authentication is enabled in the RIW System. Click on the Email to button.

It may take up to a few minutes for your authentication code to be sent. Try looking in your junk mail if it hasn't arrived.


Enter the code delivered to your email and click Login.


Read through the System Access Rules statement, and tick the I acknowledge these rules box and the Agree button to confirm acceptance. 



Access to the RIW System is now granted.

To enable further two-factor authentication options when signing in to the RIW System, update your contact details with your mobile phone number, and set up an Authenticator App to generate a one-time password.

Please refer to our video system walkthrough for Employer Administrators to see an overview of how to use the RIW System. Alternatively, there is an extensive range of articles in the RIW Knowledge Centre.

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