RIW cards must be ordered by a Primary Employer, whether that is a company you are employed by, or by yourself if you operate as a sole trader in the RIW system. Employers can request both a physical card (which can be sent to either a business or home address) and a virtual card (which can be sent to a personal email or mobile phone number). To order a RIW card, follow the procedure outlined in the article How does a company order a physical or virtual RIW card?.

If you are new to rail, then your new employer will set you up in the RIW system. You will be emailed a link to set up your myRIW account, so that you can approve the employment request. You’ll also need to complete an ID check. Once the ID check is approved (and your subscription is paid by your employer), the employer can then request your new physical and/or virtual RIW card.

For more information about how to operate in the RIW System as a sole trader, please refer to our article How can I become a sole trader in the RIW system?.