How do I get a Rail Industry Worker card?

Apply direct for a Rail Industry Worker card here.

The cost for an RIW card application is $250.00 (+GST), which includes your first year’s annual cardholder subscription, a mandatory ID check, a physical RIW card posted to your nominated address, a virtual RIW card issued to your smart device, and access to myRIW, your online RIW portal.

Please refer to the terms and conditions below before applying.

Alternatively, ask your employer to issue you an RIW card through the RIW System.

What is a Rail Industry Worker (RIW) card?

An RIW card links to your RIW profile and provides assurance to rail Network Operators, Principal Contractors, and other rail contractors that you are fit, qualified and competent. This will enable you to work safely across participating rail networks or rail/construction worksites in Australia. You can use your RIW card to swipe onto a worksite, where your RIW profile is checked for compliance in real-time against the site requirements set by the rail Network Operator or Principal Contractor.


Your RIW profile must be managed by an employer registered in the RIW System, which may be a company you work for or yourself if you operate as a sole trader.  Your RIW profile stores your competencies, qualifications, job roles, and rail health assessments.


You can monitor your RIW profile in myRIW to view current and expiring competencies or the status of your rail health assessments. Additionally, you can also view your site access history and the companies you have approved to view or manage your profile and access your details.

Terms and conditions of applying direct for a Rail Industry Worker card

Having an RIW card does not automatically allow you to perform work as a rail safety worker.  To use your RIW card you must:

  1. Have an employer manage your RIW profile in the RIW System. This is either a registered RIW company, or yourself as a sole trader. Employers can send you an employment request, which you must approve in myRIW.
  2. Have your employer add the necessary competencies, job roles or rail health assessment (medical) to your RIW profile for the work you intend to do. These requirements are set by the rail Network Operator or Principal Contractor where you work.

If you are about to undertake training or a rail health assessment, you can provide your RIW card to the participating Registered Training Organisation or Authorised Health Professional, who can directly upload competency certificates or health assessments to your RIW profile. 


Metro Trains Australia Pty Ltd (MTA), as the operator of the RIW Program, will be listed as your initial employer in the RIW System. This listing does not create any legal relationship or other rights and obligations of employer and employee between MTA and you. The details in the RIW System will be updated fourteen (14) days after the issue of your RIW card, and you will then be able to add another employer in the RIW System to manage your RIW profile going forward.


When you directly apply for an RIW card, you agree to:

  1. Provide accurate and complete information to support your direct application for an RIW card; and
  2. The Permission Access Agreement as a condition of your participation in the RIW Program.

The information you provide in your RIW application will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy for the RIW Program.


  • Cancellation of a Rail Industry Worker card application will incur a $75.00+GST administrative fee, which will be deducted from the refund amount.

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