How does a cardholder accept or reject an employment or association request in myRIW?

An employment request is a request from a company to manage a cardholders RIW profile in the RIW System. Employers have full access and edit rights to this profile. 

An association request means a company has view only rights to your RIW profile, but can add Employer, National and Network based competencies to your profile if required.

Step 1: Cardholder receives email notification

When a company requests employment or association, the cardholder will receive an email asking them to accept the offer in myRIW. The cardholder must accept the request in order to continue the on-boarding process. The email will look similar to the following.

Step 2: Create myRIW Account

To accept an employment or association request, go to myRIW at

If the new cardholders has not created their myRIW account yet, click on the Create Account button to register and follow the prompts, including setting a password and accepting the Permission Access Agreement.  For more information on account creation, view our RIW Knowledge Centre article How does a cardholder create a myRIW profile?

If the cardholder already has a myRIW account, log in with the RIW number and password.  If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgotten Password hyperlink and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Employers and Associations

Once logged in, the myRIW dashboard will display. Select the Employers and Associations button.

Step 4: Approve or Reject Pending Requests

Any pending employment or association requests will be show on this screen. Cardholders can approve or reject any pending employment and association requests.

To accept the employment or association request, click on the Accept button. 

To reject the employment or association request, click on the Reject button.

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