How does a cardholder create a myRIW profile?

The myRIW portal allows Rail Industry Workers to view their profile on the web. 

By using the myRIW portal. a cardholder can view their employers, associations, and/or job roles, as well as view their competencies and medical results. 

A cardholder can also update their email address and/or mobile number, as well as their myRIW password; update their notification preferences; and can ask their Employer to make any corrections to their profile.

If a cardholder has been created for the first time in the new RIW system, the worker will receive an email invitation to create a myRIW profile to accept an employment request. If a worker had a profile in the previous system, they will not receive an email invitation, and must follow the instructions below to create a new myRIW profile.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • myRIW User (i.e. RIW cardholder)

Step 1: Login to myRIW and Create Account

Go to the myRIW login page at You can also access this page from the top right-hand corner of the RIW website at where it says LOGIN. Choose myRIW Login.

To create your profile, click on the Create Account button.

Step 2: Complete registration information

Complete the requested information, which is RIW numberfirst namesurname and date of birth. Make sure the details are entered correctly as they are matched to the details recorded on the RIW database. The match has to be exact to grant access. Click the Submit button when done. 

Step 3: Set password

Provided the details entered on the previous page match the record on the RIW system, set and confirm the password to access myRIW.

Note: if the RIW System does not find a corresponding record, try entering your details again.  If the system still doesn't find a matching record, please contact your Employer to confirm your details.

Step 4: Review the Permission Access Agreement

The first time a cardholder logs into myRIW, they will be presented with the Permission Access Agreement. This document explains how information about Rail Industry Workers may be collected, stored, and used for the purposes of the RIW Program.

Indicate your acceptance to these terms as a condition of your participation in the RIW Program.

Step 5: Reject the Permission Access Agreement

If the Permission Access Agreement is rejected, the cardholder will be unable to access or use their RIW profile, which means they will be unable to work on the rail network. Please contact your Employer before refusing to discuss your options, as clicking Reject means your profile will be automatically deleted. 

IMPORTANT! Clicking reject will automatically delete your RIW profile from the RIW System. 

Step 6: Log in to myRIW

Once the Permission Access Agreement is accepted, log into the system with your credentials and password. The myRIW dashboard will display.

By clicking on View My Profile,  the cardholder has visibility of their profile, current job roles and competencies. The cardholder is also able to view their medical and drug and alcohol results from this tab. 


By using the Report Corrections form, the cardholder is able to alert their employer of any changes to their personal details, and also request these to be updated within the system.

Cardholders can also update their own email address and phone number in the Manage My Account section, and update their RIW system notification preferences.

Cardholders are able to accept and reject employment and association requests from potential employers or associated employers. This can be done by clicking the Employers and Associations link and accepting the request. 

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