How to create a COVID-19 immunisation status as an employer-based competency

This article details how Premium Functionality Employers can use employer-based competencies to demonstrate COVID-19 immunisation status for RIW cardholders. 

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer)
  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer) - No Payment
  • Advanced Project Administrator
  • Project Administrator
  • Site Administrator

Premium Functionality Employers can create new employer-based competencies in the RIW System for recording the COVID-19 immunisation status for RIW cardholders. Health directives can be different in each state, so it is the responsibility of the worksite to ensure they are granting access in accordance with relevant state requirements.

Premium Functionality Employers are permitted to create new employer-based competencies to record RIW cardholder immunisation or exemption status, as long as the competencies conform to the following rules:

  • Employer-based competencies must conform to a naming convention which contains the abbreviation of the company, for example, JH – COVID19 – 1st Vaccination, JH – COVID19 – 2nd Vaccination, JH – COVID19 – Medical Exempt.
  • RIW cardholder immunisation or exemption records must NOT be stored as evidence for the competency. Instead, a signed and verified COVID-19 Vaccination or Exemption Declaration Form can be uploaded as evidence for the employer-based competency.
  • The Verification Officer must sight the physical or digital immunisation or exemption certificate and confirm that it matches the name of the RIW cardholder exactly.
  • The award date for the competency must be the date the RIW cardholder was immunised or exempted.
  • Premium Functionality Employers are obligated to perform checks on all staff members performing upload or competency verification to ensure compliance with the above.
  • The RIW Service Desk will perform compliance spot checks on COVID employer-based competencies to ensure compliance to the above rules. If any non-compliant COVID employer-based competencies are detected, the competency owner will be notified, the competency and associated evidence removed from the RIW System, and any administration costs for removal will be passed on to the competency owner.

For more information, please refer to the following resources below:

NOTE: this interim process relates to rail or construction worksites that elect to use the RIW System to monitor COVID-19 immunisation status for RIW cardholders.

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