Kiosk Troubleshooting Guide

Please use this troubleshooting guide if you are experiencing issues with a Kiosk.  If the issue is unable to be resolved by following the steps below, please submit a Service Request for Kiosk Maintenance. 

Common Issues

Kiosk not responding? 

  • Restart kiosk – Power PC off by pressing the blue power button located at the front of the PC. Wait 30 seconds and power PC back on.
  • No network?  Restart all sources of network hardware (router/modem etc.) and check if power is running on devices.
  • Ensure all cables to the PC and power board are firmly in place. These could have dislodged due to transit or vibrations on site.
  • Check power to the outlet (powerpoint) or before the outlet is cut (due to outage, power surge etc.)

Connection issues?

  • Is the kiosk connected to the Wi-Fi network? The Wi-Fi symbol in the top right corner of the screen will determine network connectivity.
  • Is the network cable connected to the PC?
  • Is the router functioning?
    • What lights are flashing?
    • What colour (green is active and red is inactive)
  • Is the network down?
  • Has power been cut tot he network / modem / router? (ie. lights are off)

PC not functioning?

  • What colour are the LED lights on the PC?
    • Blue - All is okay
    • Orange flashing - motherboard is faulty
    • Red - onboard power is dead

NOTE: If the lights are showing orange or red, then a replacement PC may be required.

Still not working?

If the kiosk is still not functioning after attempting the troubleshooting tips above, please raise a Service Request for Kiosk Maintenance.

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